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a protein manufactured exclusively by the prostate gland

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The 4th PSA detention of Ghulam Nabi Gojri, a resident of Qadeem Pora in Sopore, was recently quashed by the High Court, but he has been slapped with yet another PSA - all this within a span of two months.
PSA levels are directly proportional to the probability of cancer detection on a prostatic biopsy.
Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) issued a "D" rating for PSA screening, meaning the Task Force discourages physicians from offering PSA to their patients for the purpose of detecting prostate cancer.
The Stanford/WHO reference materials (PSA-ACT standard and 90:10 PSA standard; lyophilized, 1 [micro]g/vial) were purchased from Stanford University.
CRISIL's rating on PSA SICAL Terminals Ltd's (PSA SICAL's) bank guarantee continues to reflect the susceptibility of PSA SICAL's profitability to adverse regulatory changes with respect to tariffs on container-handling activities at the Tuticorin port, as decided by Tariff Authority of Major Ports (TAMP), and increasing yearly royalty payments to the Tuticorin Port Trust (TPT).
Klein emphasizes that doctors must rely on more than PSA testing to gauge a man's risk of prostate cancer and identify who should undergo a biopsy.
In addition to screening for prostate cancer, total PSA is used as a sensitive marker for prostate cancer recurrence after treatment.
Loeb and her colleagues have previously shown in a large screening study that the median PSA level is 0.
APPLICATION: A fundamental understanding about the relationships between PSA properties and screenability can give PSA producers better insight into the design of new screenable PSAs.
Yet, just weeks before the district launched the campaign last summer, funding for as many as 100 pupil-service and attendance or PSA counselors was on the chopping block - just as such funding has been in each of the past four years.
So it seems surprising that flaxseed, one of the richest sources of alphalinolenic acid, lowered PSA levels (from 8.
A pair of relatively new tests, for free PSA and complexed PSA, may help sort out the risk faced by these men, researchers said in poster presentations at the annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.
In the study, the test had a positive predictive value of 75% (75% of patients with positive test results were found to have cancer by biopsy), and a negative predictive value of 84% (84% of patients with negative test results were found to be cancer-free by biopsy) in men having a PSA level of 2.