Przewalski's horse

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wild horse of central Asia that resembles an ass

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A massively parallel sequencing approach uncovers ancient origins and high genetic variability of endangered Przewalski's horses.
Despite stemming from only 13 or 14 animals in zoo breeding programs, Przewalski's horses have retained more genetic diversity than the domestic horse breeds the team examined.
Meanwhile, the researchers are gleaning information about horse domestication by identifying genes that differ among domestic horses, Przewalski's horses and the fossils.
These separate, small bands became the only Przewalski's horses left in the world.
Jan and Inge Bouman created a foundation for the preservation of Przewalski's horses.
Still in the planning stages is a fifth major exhibit, the Siberian Steppes, for the endangered Przewalski's horses, the Siberian saiga, and other species from that region.
Either ancestral horses had extra chromosomes, as Przewalski's horse does, which later fused to form a single chromosome in the domestic horse, or ancestral horses had a big, domestic-looking chromosome that later broke to make the Przewalski's extra chromosomes, Wade says.
The result could mean that domestic horses and Przewalski's horses interbred after their subspecies split or that Przewalski's horses actually derived from domestic horses.
Przewalski's horse, or Mongolian wild horse, is the only true remaining species of wild horse.
Przewalski's horse is named after Russian naturalist Col Nikolai Przewalski.
An earlier group of Przewalski horses was brought to the province six years ago from another location in Mongolia by Takh, a French association bearing the Mongolian name of Przewalski's horses.
Urumqi (China), May 22 (Xinhua-ANI): Four endangered Przewalski's horses were sent to Mongolia from west China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Monday, marking the first time for China to send the horses to another country since reintroducing the species 17 years ago, according to Cao Jie, director of the Xinjiang Wild Horse Propagation Center.
RSPB Cymru has just bought 11 Carneddau ponies to manage moor land habitats around Lake Vyrnwy and the Forestry Commission is using three rare Przewalski's horses to graze a site in Clocaenog Forest.
Out of 1, 500 Przewalski's horses alive worldwide, all are descended from just 13 animals, which were in captivity.
The center houses some 300 animals representing more than 30 species, including red pandas, Eld's deer, Przewalski's horses, and Guam rails.