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a German inhabitant of Prussia

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But the final factor that weakened the witness of the United Prussian Church was its parochial school system.
This situation remained until the church of the Prussian Union joined the Reformed and Lutheran confessions in one church in 1817.
In part 2, Eddie maintains that in terms of Prussian reform following defeat at the hands of Napoleon in 1807, the real losers were the nobles rather than the peasants.
Her influence can be judged by the fact that after Carl resigned his commission in the Prussian army and left for Russia to join its army--without the Prussian king's written permission--the king still acknowledged Marie, and even nodded to her at court functions.
According to an Old Prussian legend, the first leaders were two brothers, Prutens and Vudevuts, who arrived, together with many others, from overseas in the old times.
The Preussische-Zundnadel's first actual combat service occurred during the brief Danish-Prussian War of 1864 when Prussian, Austrian and German Confederation troops took the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein.
Those hybrid positions had the stated purpose of improving the lives of the Prussian citizens (consistent with Enlightenment philosophy), but their hidden, real function was maintenance of the supremacy of the ruling political elites.
Napoleon launched one last attack but his army - trapped between Wellington's British, Belgian, Dutch and German troops and their Prussian reinforcements - stood no chance.
30pm: The Prussians arrive and engage French cavalry at Plancenoit.
The forecast for plenty of rain is in Prussian eagle's favour but even more helpful would be a strong pace.
In our study exfoliated cells from the buccal mucosa of 60 [beta] thalassemia major patients comprising the study undergoing transfusions and a control group of 30 normal individuals who had no confirmed acute and chronic liver damage, malignancy and megaloblastic anemia were considered and the smears obtained were stained with Perls' Prussian blue stain.
She fails at sleep, both sorts, white and Prussian blue.
Volker Tschapke, President of the Prussian Society, Berlin-Brandenburg, here on Saturday.
Hala refers, the Prussian soldiers used breech-loading rifles while their Austrian opponents used muzzle-loading muskets.