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according to legend she rode naked through Coventry in order to persuade her husband not to tax the townspeople so heavily


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Pru Porretta with Clinton |Good from Coventry University with pupils Valerie Gabriel, Jack Edwards, Chelsea West, Nik Skoradinscis and Cain Edwards
Rainbow owner Dips Dosanjh joins Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress Gary and Shirley Crookes unveil the statue with Lady Godiva Pru Porretta and John Brassington, Peeping Tom, aka Peeping Tom, offering up the pub's new Peeping Tom Pie
PROCESSION: Pru Porretta leads the way as hundreds enjoy the medieval Dame Goodyver's Day
STORYTIME: Pru Porretta (right) reads to (from left) Alayah Tennant, Cathy Tennant, of West Orchards Shopping Centre, and Thalia Porretta, and (below) Pru with Kusumika Chatterjee
Above, the youngster is pictured with Pru Porretta FAN-FARE: Fiona Chung,11, Olivia Chu, 11, Shania Chu, 9, and Elizabeth Courtois, 9.
Pru Porretta, one 08 of the organisers, said: "This is a fantastic event that brings people together to celebrate our diverse city, bring solidarity and peace to our city and I think it is something that Godiva herself would have certainly been proud of.
This year, Pru Porretta has invited former Coventry P a r a l -y m -pian Rita Thompson to attend as a special guest.
The final tour will be a Costumed Godiva tour with Pru Porretta taking audiences through the essential historical sites, legacies and arts in the city that relate to Godiva.
UNITED: Left, Coventrys Lady Godiva Pru Porretta and Margaret Tsi.
Pru Porretta will be on the Millennium Bridge near the Transport Museum from 12-1pm on Thursday March 8.
Coventry's modern day Godiva, Pru Porretta, said Coventry's role as a city of peace and reconciliation should set an example of how different cultures can co-exist.
The Godiva Sisters, led by Pru Porretta, will gather to lay flowers at Coventry Cathedral before walking through the city to the Lower Precinct.
Coventry's present-day Lady Godiva, Pru Porretta, welcomed 18 Godiva Sisters from all across the world - including places such as Japan, Poland and Serbia - to the iconic statue bearing the same name in Broadgate.