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a high-ranking university administrator

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The work concludes with an appendix that includes a few more documents relating to Capito's provostship at St.
John Walker, looking back nearly 100 years later in An attempt towards recovering an account of the numbers and sufferings of the clergy of the Church of England, reported of Lewis's provostship that, "indulging himself in some things very unbecoming of it, he was in a manner forced to resign it.
There will also be a competition for towns to bid for city status,which will be launched this spring and include a lord mayoralty or lord provostship.
How complex was his web of relationships, how deceptive the application of the label Catholic or evangelical put on Capito in the early twenties, is nicely illustrated by Rummel's study of Capito's maneuvers to obtain and hold onto the lucrative provostship of St.
Nor am I about to start trolling for a provostship somewhere else under someone else.