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a militant organization of Irish nationalists who used terrorism and guerilla warfare in an effort to drive British forces from Northern Ireland and achieve a united independent Ireland

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The report warned of the significant number of former Provos involved in organised crime.
Our free and public Safe Browsing API allows other organizations to keep their users safe by using the data we've compiled," Provos wrote.
Once the fuel has been "cleaned" it is then sold illicitly across the Republic, Northern Ireland and even in the UK raking in thousands every year for the Provos.
Extra troops and police had already been drafted into north and west Belfast following friction between the Provos and members of the Real and Continuity IRAs.
It was also claimed the Provos would stop training volunteers, studying targets and punishment attacks.
The Garda review found a substantial legacy which must be addressed was the influence former Provos have on dissidents - 70 people were charged from November 1, 2010, with terror offences including IRA membership, firearms and explosives offences, 33 of whom were considered former Provos.
The money's everywhere and the Provos are delighted that they have been able to copy the new design.
The Provos threatened to kill one of the dissidents who they alleged had been swapping guns and doing drugs deals with loyalist terror groups.
The terrified Provos called the Police Service of Northern Ireland after the youngster shot at them with a handgun.
Pictures have emerged from Chris Harper-Mercer's MySpace page showing masked Provos, many of whom are brandishing guns alongside other references to the terrorist gang.
THE IRA were once known as Ireland's other film school as so many former Provos ended up as TV and film screenwriters.
CEASEFIRE monitors will give the Provos SIX months to prove they've cleaned up their act.
Early in the Troubles, the IRA leadership forged ties with Palestinian groups and young Provos were sent for terrorist training in The Lebanon.
Last week, the Provos withdrew an offer to scrap their arsenal after Unionists rejected their proposals for decommissioning.