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a militant organization of Irish nationalists who used terrorism and guerilla warfare in an effort to drive British forces from Northern Ireland and achieve a united independent Ireland

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But the spotlight is firmly on them now since Hugh Orde said that the Provos were behind about 50 attacks in the past year.
Some Provos, particularly IRA Army Council member Brian Keenan, forged strong links with professional criminals while in prison in England.
Tohill, who feared he would be shot dead by the Provos, was taken to hospital but discharged himself yesterday and fled back to Dublin.
Some IRA members threatened to join the RIRA or CIRA over the power-sharing deal with the DUP in which the Provos will completely dump their secret arsenal.
Local police say they are keeping an open mind on a motive for the shooting, but security forces in Ulster are sure that it was the work of the Provos.
The Provos, and all groups like them, have had their day yet, in those famous words of Gerry Adams, "they haven't gone away".
Undercover British soldier captain ROBERT NAIRAC who was killed by the Provos after the discovered his identity.
But his deal with Provos has meant that police chiefs, who're set to confiscate his assets, have been left with a paltry sum of pounds 361,000 in comparison.
At first it was believed that the Provos had carried off the biggest cigarette robbery in Northern Ireland's history.
The former terrorist turned best-selling author and critic of the Provos was repeatedly stabbed, savagely beaten around the head and then run over by a car.
Singing Willie wants the Provos to dismantle their remaining structures and hand back the cash from the Northern Bank robbery.
He's his own boss and as long as he keeps bank-rolling the Provos, the Belfast leadership isn't going to complain.
Senior Garda sources have revealed that the terrorist had until recently been the Provos quartermaster in Cork in charge of all arms and explosives dumps.
The RUC reckon the Provos probably have about 50 heavy and medium machine- guns including the powerful M60s which can bring down helicopters.
The Provos tried to clean up their image by coming clean over at least some of the Disappeared - and it appears loyalists are also trying to make a break with the past.