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Synonyms for Providence


Synonyms for Providence

careful use of material resources

Synonyms for Providence

the capital and largest city of Rhode Island

the guardianship and control exercised by a deity

a manifestation of God's foresightful care for his creatures

the prudence and care exercised by someone in the management of resources

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I now live in peace and safety, enjoying the sweets of liberty, and the bounties of Providence, with my once fellow-sufferers, in this delightful country, which I have seen purchased with a vast expence of blood and treasure, delighting in the prospect of its being, in a short time, one of the most opulent and powerful states on the continent of North- America; which, with the love and gratitude of my country-men, I esteem a sufficient reward for all my toil and dangers.
This country and this people seem to have been made for each other, and it appears as if it was the design of Providence, that an inheritance so proper and convenient for a band of brethren, united to each other by the strongest ties, should never be split into a number of unsocial, jealous, and alien sovereignties.
I am something of a physician, and have, like my fellows, sought more than once for the soul in living and in dead matter; yet, like providence, it has remained invisible to my eyes, although present to my heart.
I have been to Providence on the railroad," said Charley.
But, taking an habitual breadth of view, with all his simplicity, he contended that providence should choose its own method of blessing mankind, and could conceive that this great end might be effected even by a warrior and a bloody sword, should inscrutable wisdom see fit to order matters SO.
The benevolence of Providence is extended to all its creatures, each receiving it in a mode adapted to its own powers of improvement.
And with those whose impulses have guided them to benevolent actions, we will rank others to whom Providence has assigned a different tendency and different powers.
As for the point of arrival, it is reserved for Providence alone to designate.
To a just Providence was necessary an instrument, at once penetrating, persevering, and convinced, to accomplish a great work.
I see, Colonel, from all that is happening, that Providence requires great sacrifices of us.
Perhaps this is ordered by Providence, that those who have no right to them may profit by them, in that divine contempt of such profit which Providence so often shows.
I can't help believing it's going to happen in Anne's case, if Providence doesn't interfere, that's what.
He inveighed against the injustice of Providence, which would for the sake of one criminal perchance sailing in the ship allow so many innocent persons to perish.
I am not stopping this great blessing; under Providence, I am bringing it.
But in the end he will speak out and tell us his friends and all his wealth and his brothers, now that providence has thrown him in our way.
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