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trade name of a synthetic human growth hormone given to children deficient in the hormone

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Genentech admitted that from 1985 to 1994, it aggressively marketed Protropin, a synthetic human growth hormone, to doctors, hospitals, and others for use in the treatment of various medical conditions for which Protropin had not received FDA approval.
Neupogen Amgen Amgen $719 Epogen Amgen Amgen 587 Intron A Biogen Schering-Plough 572 Humulin Genentech Eli Lilly 560 Procrit Amgen Ortho Biotech 500 Engerix-B Genentech SmithKline Beecham 480 Recombinax HB Chiron Merck 245 Activase Genentech Genentech 236 Protropin Genentech Genentech 217 Roferon-A Genentech Roche 172
Genetech manufactures and sells Protropin, a synthetic growth hormone for children who are not growing properly because of a pituitary gland deficiency, and pursuant to an agreement with Genetech, Caremark is the exclusive distributor of this product.
Already, one biotech firm, Genentech, has been accused of participating in a kickback scheme involving the sale of its human growth hormone, Protropin, to parents of short but otherwise healthy children through a Minneapolis doctor.
According to the indictment, payments were made to induce the physician to prescribe Protropin, in violation of the Medicare/Medicaid antikickback statute.
Subcutaneous injections of rHuGH (marketed as Nutropin, Protropin, and Humatrope) are given at home daily 6 or 7 times a week).
Jones held various key positions at biopharma companies, including Medimmune, where he was responsible for the launch of both Respigam and Synagis and Genentech, where he was responsible for the launch of Protropin, Activase and Pulmozyme.