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Synonyms for protocol

Synonyms for protocol

strict observance of social conventions

Synonyms for protocol

forms of ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats and heads of state

Related Words

code of correct conduct

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Informed written consent was taken from parents of each child and institutional ethical committee cleared the study protocal.
President Nejad and the accompanying delegation headed to the Presidential Palace in Ba'abda, Beirut for an official protocal welcoming ceremony.
The Kyoto Protocal is an international agreement which sets targets for nearly 40 industrialised countries and the European community for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
amp; Scientific Affairs, Fact Sheet: Cartagena Protocal on Biosafety, July 21, 2003, http://www.
The country, he said is a signatory to major international conventions and protocols for environmental protection including the Kyoto Protocol, Stockholm convention on Persistent organic pollution and Cartagena Protocal on Bio Safety to CBD.
A council parks spokesman confirmed that talks were taking place with police in line with a protocal on traveller camps introduced in Birmingham in 2000.
There is a certain protocal to be followed and I would have expected one of the bigger clubs to do things the right way.
The Regulatory Classification of Internet Protocal Television: How the
AT&T, the exclusive US carrier of Apple s smartphone, said it had informed the computer titan and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of its decision to allow Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) calling on its third-generation (3G) wireless network.
The Thunder Bay institution is also asking for dollars to help replace the Voice Over Internet Protocal (VOIP) system and some other technology upgrades in class rooms, research labs and teaching environments.
A standardized protocal for the quantification of lactate dehydrogenase activity in saliva.
He also noted that the government must ensure that such weapons do not violate sections of the Geneva Conventions which, according to the protocal, "prohibits the use of laser weapons specifically designed, as their sole combat function or as one of their combat functions, to cause permanent blindness to unenhanced vision, that is to the naked eye or to the eye with corrective eyesight devices.
Once the Protocal had been drafted, feedback was generated from all over Africa and the Diaspora following an email discussion of the draft initiated by FEMNET (African Women's Development and Communication Network).