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Synonyms for nationalism

Synonyms for nationalism

love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it

the doctrine that your national culture and interests are superior to any other

the aspiration for national independence felt by people under foreign domination

the doctrine that nations should act independently (rather than collectively) to attain their goals

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The claim that the book leaves "completely unexplored the symbiotic relationship between British imperialism and Indian Christianity" is simply inaccurate, for it ignores altogether the fact that chapter 10 argues that there was a symbiotic relationship between the Empire and (Brahmanical) Hinduism, a syncretistic culture that nurtured proto-nationalist sentiments.
To Kahn, the suggestion that a proto-nationalist such as Eunos Abdullah was 'merely reproducing colonial racial ideologies and racialised practices' was no more than a distortion of post-colonial scholars.
Perhaps more importantly, however, Hill argues that the proto-nationalist historiographic commonplace that has frequently been invoked in order to explain all of eighteenth-century Spanish American literary culture in terms of a conflict or rivalry between criollos and peninsulares is inadequate for an understanding not only of Carrio de Lavandera's text but also for much of eighteenth-century Spanish American literature and culture more generally.
Similarly, actions of town councils are assumed to represent proto-nationalist Creole interests standing up to Spanish officialdom, when actual relationships were often based on trans-Atlantic and regional patron-client networks (Chapter 8).
He dispels a few myths about the knight from the Palatinate as the icon of a proto-nationalist champion of a united German Reich.
The vision of the Rant as a proto-nationalist is a false one; as Roy notes, only "death turned Lakshmi Bat into a martyr" (p.
The existence of a nationalist or proto-nationalist political tradition means little in and of itself in the absence of broad-based popular support: as D.