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Chinese Protestantism is one of the most vital of the Christian movements of our day.
This is a translation of Ernst Troeltsch's classic study of Christianity, and Protestantism in particular, in relation to the development of European modernity.
Across China's affluent cities, students, intellectuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs are embracing Protestantism in ever greater numbers.
For instance, the Nevius Plan, adopted only by the Presbyterian missionaries, was not a general cause of the advance of Protestantism in Korea, as Yoo suggests (24-25).
The answer, it seems to me, is that the core tenet of Protestantism, sola scriptura, is wrong.
It is clear, for example, that while Catholicism has left a strong cultural mark, the church's lack of clerical leadership has allowed for both the empowerment of the laity and the spread of Protestantism.
This biography seeks to show how important Walsingham's staunch, not to say, fanatical, Protestantism was in his relation with the Queen.
To be accurate, this book is not about liberal Protestantism and science.
This trend has sparked considerable interest in the possible effects of Protestantism on Latin American societies.
Noted Oxford professor of historical theology Alister McGrath has undertaken the daunting task of telling the story of Protestantism, including all its denominations from Anglicans to anti-Trinitarian Socinians, from the beginning up to the present day.
He claims that this principle is responsible for both adaptability and instability as he takes a historical and contemporary look at the beliefs and practices of Protestantism as well as its global future.
Hamlet, Protestantism and the Mourning of Contingency: Not to Be.
He concluded the most likely reason for the impact of Protestantism on employment is the legacy of the commitment to work cultivated through the early Protestant Church.
PRESENTED by Tristram Hunt, this new series investigates the scientific, cultural, economic and political aspects of the Protestant movement and concludes that the reach of Protestantism is so profound that it is impossible to imagine the modern world without it.
4) With mainline Protestantism at its zenith, leading voices like Fosdick's became fixtures within popular culture.