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the Protestant churches and denominations collectively

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Fort Mccoy Protestant Church Building 1757 Fort Mccoy Wi
Although the Evangelical Free churches grew from 33 to 53 churches between 1980 and 2012, and the various Baptist groups grew to number 22 churches, the momentum of the Protestant church planting movement in Belgium after 1940 had passed definitively to the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches.
In sum, the behaviour of unofficial Protestant church members has a profound impact on their relations with the ruling authorities.
A bus laden with explosives rammed into St Andrew Military Protestant Church in the military barracks in Jaji in Kaduna state at about noon, said the director of army public relations Brig Gen Bola Koleoso.
PROVOCATIVE nRepublican parade in Co Derry town this month MARCH J Music is played near Protestant church in Dungiven
The Algerian Protestant Church is currently in dispute with the Algerian government, as seven churches in the Bajaya region, East of Algiers, were closed last month by the local authorities.
After visiting the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the German High School, Merkel and her entourage came to the German Protestant Church in the famous district of Beyoglu.
ALGIERS: Islamists looted and burned a Protestant church in Algeria, the congregation's leader said Monday, suggesting they were inspired by a recent spate of religious intolerance in the Arab and Muslim world.
PROTESTANT Church chiefs have called on Education Minister Batt O'Keeffe to protect their schools from spending cuts.
Fu, the leader of the delegation, said that CCC/TSPM was willing to help house churches by, for example, providing them with Bibles, and also desired to work with them in building the Chinese Protestant church.
However, the author does present sermons showing how often the Protestant clergy spoke out against certain government officials and were then criticized by the state, but in most instances the Protestant church was expected to go along with the government official or ruling family.
Pastor Tim Manchester, who took over the Protestant church in April, and members of the 400-strong Armenian church were hopeful.
One is becoming a member of a fundamentalist Protestant church and the other is minimally Catholic.
The Protestant church in the 1920s united around the issue of peace, which occupied the religious minds and presses even more than prohibition or the fundamentalist-modernist controversy.
Twenty-seven percent of Protestant church offices have no Internet connectivity at all.