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a substance (an atom or molecule or radical or ion) that forms a complex around a central atom

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The binding kinetics of the CypA-CsA interaction were previously measured by SPR using a single NTA biosensor surface that, required covalent fixation (cross-linking) of the protein ligand to eliminate the extensive ligand drift and allow for kinetic analysis.
India, June 16 -- This new offering is expected to significantly reduce the time required to conduct protein ligand docking studies.
Now in this project, nearly all of these various techniques and approaches will be combined in a new and so far unprecedented way and complemented by techniques used for protein ligand interactions and extreme low temperature measurements.
Proteros applied its industrial structural biology platform and proprietary technologies to deliver protein ligand structures to Almirall Scientists for a known, extremely challenging protein where little published data is available, particularly on solving specific protein ligand structures.
The CCDC also develops tools for use in the life sciences to aid drug discovery, these include GOLD, as well as SuperStar, for exploring protein ligand interactions, and Relibase+, a fully searchable database of crystallographic information about protein-ligand complexes derived from the PDB.
In many instances, antibody agonists and antagonists would be much easier to produce and work with in developing a drug candidate than the actual protein ligand regulating these pathways.