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a civil right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution

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A federal judge ruled against Carter, saying that clicking on the Facebook thumbs-up icon doesn't count as an "actual statement" and therefore isn't protected speech under the First Amendment.
According to the paper, the judge conceded that other court rulings have acknowledged Facebook posts as protected speech, but said that those cases had involved "actual statements".
24) After determining that it is symbolic speech, the question of whether this hypothetical Quran burning is protected speech remains unanswered.
New York State Liquor Authority, which held that beer labels can be protected speech.
But US district judge Mary L Cooper ruled the jokes fell under the category of protected speech.
In a 21-page ruling, US District Judge Mary L Cooper, of New Jersey, concluded that the examples they cited fell under the category of protected speech.
Souder said, "There's a substantial difference between protected speech and government officials going to fundraisers for organizations that do speech that is radical.
solely for acting to protect a pupil engaged in'' constitutionally protected speech.
23) Moreover, when the First Amendment is at issue, a defendant may argue that even though his or her con duct was illegal, the same law used to prosecute him or her may also be used to proscribe protected speech in other hypothetical contexts.
Johnson's comments about the IT policy and the new IT director were not constitutionally protected speech because she made them in the course of her employment at a departmental meeting and because they dealt with internal personnel and operational matters, Thynge wrote.
notes that while viewer-initiated blocking and mandatory ratings would impose lesser burdens on protected speech, and is skeptical that they will fully serve the government's interests in promoting parental supervision and protecting the well-being of minors.
The Court was particularly concerned that the statute was "impermissibly insensitive to the realities faced by small or unpopular charities, which must often pay more" than the amounts permitted by the law "due to the difficulty of attracting donors; The Riley Court also invalidated a requirement that fundraisers disclose to potential donors, before making an appeal, the percentage of funds they raised in the past year which went to charity, finding such "compelled speech" to improperly burden protected speech.
Chilling effect: The effect on protected speech due to prior restraint or potential reprimands stated in policies (Cowen, Resendez, et al.
The verdict reveals these individuals for what they really were: thugs who went far beyond protected speech and lawful protest to engage in and incite intimidation, harassment and violence.