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a civil right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution

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The above scenario highlights that businesses have no refuge under claims of constitutionally protected speech if they defame others or violate the rules, covenants or restrictions that run with real estate they occupy.
Plaintiff's arrest violated his clearly established constitutional right to engage in and be free from arrests because of protected speech," said U.
Attorney General Paxton confirmed what I knew to be true all along - the use of our National Motto is protected speech," Perry said in a statement Wednesday.
Supreme Court has previously defined as protected speech, I'd much rather start with Citizens United.
The Johnsons' constitutional challenge ''fails because the conduct in question was not protected speech, but rather a hybrid of conduct and speech integral to the commission of a crime,'' the Supreme Judicial Court ruled.
Summary: There are plenty of categories that constitute protected speech under the National Labor Relations Act, but actively telling customers of a food chain that .
For decades, artists like Weird Al Yankovic have created parodies of popular songs, and those new creations are protected speech.
Applying the doctrine of substantial overbreadth, the court held that subdivision (5) of the harassment statute criminalizing "repeated unwanted communication" (24) was substantially overbroad under the First Amendment because its scope proscribed constitutionally protected speech while attempting to criminalize disfavored speech and conduct.
Source code, however, may constitute protected speech and governments would therefore not be able to regulate the distribution of the code.
In 2010, a federal judge ruled in Evans's favor, saying her Facebook post "falls under the wide umbrella of protected speech.
The appeals court said the law prohibits protected speech too broadly in its effort to advance the state's interest in protecting young people from improper communications.
expression of fully protected speech from a speaker who would rather
The NLRB ruled that the posting constituted protected speech because all the sales representatives had discussed their opinions about the food, and Becker was expressing a "concerted activity.
In all these countries, though, the mocking of religious beliefbe it Islam or Christianityis protected speech.
In July, a federal judge ruled it was protected speech and ordered the MTA to place the posters.