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grados] de individuos Cedrela montana Agosto 2008 4 Morella pubescens Marzo 2008 3 Inga acreana Junio 2008 2 Tabebuia chrysantha Noviembre-diciembre 2008 6 Oreocallis grandiflora Septiembre-octubre 2015 9 Ocotea heterochroma Noviembre-diciembre 2015 5 Myrcianthes rhopaloides Enero 2016 6 Especie Bosques de Estatus Familia coleccion de sucesion Cedrela montana BSF Avanzada Meliaceae Morella pubescens BSF Temprana Myricaceae Inga acreana BSF Temprana Fabaceae Tabebuia chrysantha BSF Avanzada Bignoniaceae Oreocallis grandiflora PNC Temprana Proteaceae Ocotea heterochroma PNC Avanzada Lauraceae Myrcianthes rhopaloides PNC Avanzada Myrtaceae BSF= Bosque San Francisco, PNC= Parque nacional El Cajas Cuadro 3.
In the literature, it has been reported that mycorrhizal association is rare or absent in certain botanical families, such as Brassicaceae, Proteaceae and Cyperaceae (LAMONT, 2003; SOUZA et al.
2009a), both families in Ranuneulales, and also in Sabiaceae (Ronse De Craene & Wanntorp, 2008), and more or less elaborate in Proteaceae (Proteales; Douglas, 1997; Weston, 2007).
All the Banksia species are endemic, but Proteaceae are also found in South American and South Africa, remnants of the Gondwana connection.
This was anecdotally held for Australia as well, but in this trip, we were confirming what we started to see in 1996; namely, that the Proteaceae were actually attractive to land bugs.
Entre las familias con menor indice de valor familiar, se encuentran: Proteaceae (Panopsis yolombo), Chloranthaceae (Hedyosmum bonplandianum), Rosaceae (Prunus 1), Clusiaceae (Chrysochlamys colombiana) y Meliaceae (Cedrela montana) (Figura 4).
Diversity of saprobic Hyphomycetes on Proteaceae and Restionaceae from South Africa.
Potential impacts of future land use and climate change on the Red List status of the Proteaceae.
Betulaceae Alnus sp Piperaceae Piperaceae Poaceae Poaceae Proteaceae Grevillea sp Asteraceae Asplundianthus sp Asteraceae Asteraceae Tipo I Asteraceae Asteraceae Tipo II Buddlejaceae Buddleja americana L.
Caricaceae Papaya Carica papaya Anacardiaceae Mango Mangifera indica Table 18-4 Nut Trees Family Common name Scientific name Rosaceae Almond Prunus amygdalus Juglandaceae English Walnut Juglans regia Pecan Carya illinoensis Betulaceae Filbert Corylus avellana Proteaceae Macadamia Macadamia ternifolia Table 18-5 Fruit and Nut Tree Production Guidelines Space per trees Pollinizer Approx.
The 365 species of Grevillea make this the largest genus in the family Proteaceae and the third largest genus in the Australian vascular flora, after Eucalyptus and Acacia.