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corrective consisting of a replacement for a part of the body

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That's because many of the proposed policies involve major changes to the Uniform Code Set which all insurers, including the Veterans Health Administration, use to cover and pay prosthetic limb claims.
The results are impressive: with the arm, amputees in clinical trials were able to perform tasks once thought impossible for a prosthetic limb.
org OUR VIEW: SEE PAGE 32 'IT'S NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL' THE different types of prosthetic limbs Ollie has had: WOODEN FOOT Ollie started wearing a prosthetic limb as a toddler.
Now, almost 20 years later, teenager Tara Mary Aziz is adding her very own chapter to this benevolent organisation, collecting ring pulls from soda cans that will be recycled to make parts for these prosthetic limbs.
As the stump is now wider, his previous prosthetic limb will not fit.
An amputee is someone who has lost a limb, and a prosthesis, or prosthetic limb, is an artificial version of that limb that can assist the amputee.
Corporal Luke Simpson, 30, who grew up in Rutland, Leicestershire, lost the lower part of his left leg in the blast in Afghanistan and is now learning to walk using a prosthetic limb.
His parents, both medical professionals, decided the best way for their son to lead an active, happy life was to amputate early, so he would grow up used to a prosthetic limb.
The money will go to support about 30 researchers at the WPI Bioengineering Institute who are working on ways to grow new tissue and develop connections to link a prosthetic limb to the body's nervous system.
The prosthetic limb works by utilizing myo-electric signals, electrical impulses produced when muscles tighten.
Still, dancing on a prosthetic limb presents unique problems.
But not long ago Cohen, ah avid tennis player, faced a tough choice: continue living with the deformed leg and end up in a wheel chair or replace the leg with a new high tech prosthetic limb, a complicated process fraught with risks.
One important component of rehabilitation is the prescription and receipt of a prosthetic limb for those who are able to use one [5].
Organised by the Auction House South East Wales, the event bagged more than PS17,000 towards a PS25,000 appeal to buy Tom a special prosthetic limb to use while playing cricket.
Alvin Wilson is hoping to raise enough money to buy daughter Courtney, aged 13, a new prosthetic limb.