Prosper Meniere

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French otologist who first described a form of vertigo now known as Meniere's disease and identified the semicircular canals as the site of the lesion (1799-1862)


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Meniere's disease remains, in many ways, as much an enigma as it was when Prosper Meniere reported patient with episodic vertigo attacks in 1861.
In his landmark publication in 1861, Prosper Meniere noted that many of his patients presenting with what we now know as Meniere syndrome also had migraine headaches.
El nombre de la enfermedad se debe al medico frances Prosper Meniere, quien fue el primero en describirlo en 1861.
Named after French physician Prosper Meniere who first described the syndrome in 1861, Meniere's disease is now also referred to as endolymphatic hydrops.
French physician Prosper Meniere first described Meniere disease in 1861, and it remains a challenging entity that can vary from patient to patient and cause symptoms ranging from mild to disabling.