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Synonyms for proscenium

a raised platform on which theatrical performances are given


Synonyms for proscenium

the part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra (i

the wall that separates the stage from the auditorium in a modern theater

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In 2007, the Royal Shakespeare Company began the process of replacing its oft-maligned proscenium theatre with a modified thrust configuration much like that already available in the wildly successful Swan Theatre.
Choreographers made no attempt to set up the usual single sight-line perspective of the proscenium theatre.
Taking over the thrust stage of the Courtyard but converting it temporarily into a conventional proscenium theatre, Claus Pey-mann's award-winning 2001 production seemed disconcertingly like a parody of what you might imagine German theatre to be.
By introducing a not-so-imaginary boundary between the audience and the actors, between the represented and the real, and further reinforcing it with the addition of the front curtain, proscenium theatre confines not only the performers' and the spectators' movement, but also severely constricts the interactive dimension of a theatrical performance.
While the faculty may direct shows in the school's main proscenium theatre, the students generally have the run of the black box, doing their own writing and directing projects.
The Royal Shakespeare Theatre (RST), originally designed in 1932 as a 1,400-seat proscenium theatre, was set to reopen as a 1,040 seat thrust space in November 2010 after four years of construction at a cost of 112 million pounds.
3 on the Vassar campus, these folks are likely to find themselves itching to workshop their latest projects in the brand-new building--since it houses a proscenium theatre with a full fly-tower and 320-seating capacity, a large rehearsal room and a production studio for film and video.
I think it's quite fair to say our ambition is a large-scale, one-room space for Shakespeare that breaks away from the old-fashioned peephole proscenium theatre - one that's much closer to Shakespeare's theatre and also a space contemporary writers will write for.
The idea for Blast came when the corps was asked to tour as support for the renowned Canadian Brass, forcing Mason to come up with a way to present his performers in a proscenium theatre.
Staging one of my plays in a proscenium theatre would be like Dorothy starting her journey in Munchkin Land instead of in Kansas.