Book of Isaiah

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an Old Testament book consisting of Isaiah's prophecies

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When the question of what kind of reality properly lies behind such names as occurs in the prophecies of Isaiah 40-55, then the decisive answer is given that no such under lying reality exists.
In the final week of Jesus' life, after having been leery about the title messiah--especially a messiah who is the son of David--he plays the "David card" by chasing the money changers from the temple, purposely fulfilling the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah.
The "proto-apocalyptic" prophecies of Isaiah 65-66 seem to question the importance of Temple and sacrifice.
The group will sing the entire first third of the piece, derived largely from Old Testament Scripture such as the prophecies of Isaiah and traditionally known as the work's ``Christmas portion.
This book is devoted to exploring the uniqueness of Kingdom citizenship drawing from the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, from the prophecies of Isaiah, and Micah, from the book of Acts and from the writings of the Apostle Paul.
3:4-10), the numerous prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and King Nebuchadnezzar's dreams which Daniel describes as coming from God (Dan.
When Philip shows up, the man is reading the prophecies of Isaiah and needs some help interpreting their meaning.