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a set whose members are members of another set

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If A(I) does not contain a proper subset which is a BCI/BCK-algebra, then A(I) is called a pseudo neutrosophic subalgebra of X(I).
A Boolean-near-ring (B, [disjunction], [and]) is having the proper subset A, is a maximal set with uni-element in an associate ring R, with identity under suitable definitions for (B, +,) with corresponding lattices (A, [less than or equal to])(A, <) and
I would have to say this because you have to have one element from C to be a proper subset at all.
1) above): (9) the members of each collection include those of the next as the proper subset (with soldier Brown representing a limiting case of a subset, though not of a collection, since the latter has two members as its limiting case).
in the sense that if h is any function obtained from f by replacing a proper subset of the variables of f by constants then h is eventually c.
If S is a subset of T, we write S [subset or equal to] T and if S is a proper subset of T we write S [subset] T.
Provisionally defining a minimal sufficient condition as one which has no sufficient condition as a proper subset, let us see how this works on a couple of examples.
Let [Omega] be a connected open set in C and E be a relatively closed proper subset of [Omega].
Today, accounts receivable and ERP systems, which can post from standard X12 820, are also able to post from the EPN STP 820, which is a proper subset of X12 820.
j[member of]J] be a proper subset of E whose cardinal is larger than continuum and then consider [O.
2 [1]: Let N (S) be a neutrosophic LA-semigroup and N (H) be a proper subset of N (S) .
Mappings commuting on a proper subset of the set of coincidences.
A Smarandache groupoid G is a groupoid which has a proper subset S [subset] G which is a semi-group under the operation of G.
Let I be a non-empty proper subset of[n] with up and down interval decomposition of type (v, w).
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