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a noun that denotes a particular thing


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Particulars MIGHT have proper names, and no doubt would have if language had been invented by scientifically trained observers for purposes of philosophy and logic.
We only give proper names to the individuals of a species when they differ inter se in practically important respects.
And if this is the proper name, then you, Meno's slave, are prepared to affirm that the double space is the square of the diagonal?
By Red Flower Bagheera meant fire, only no creature in the jungle will call fire by its proper name.
It seems to me that if what he says is false, the proper name for it is calumny, defamation of character; and such a slanderer deserves the thrashing.
Well, if we're going to talk about proper names, my name is Woodwalk Ill, otherwise known as Maxwell Edwards.
The more dependable types of structural unchangeability for proper names seem to be characteristic to classes of proper names.
so keen on using slogans as the names of Institutions - Transport for London, Help for Heroes, Action for Children for examples instead of proper names like London Transport Authority, xxx Clarity Society etc?
None of these are proper names, and the last has three solutions.
The translation of proper names is one of the most challenging activities, which becomes more complicated in children's literature, as proper names usually have polysemous nature indicating sex, age, geographical belonging, history, specific meaning, playfulness of language and cultural connotations.
The paper generates insights about Peirce's theory of the self, his understanding of persons, his notion of individuality and personhood, and his individual semiotic descriptions of proper names.
Modern editions of the text obligingly guide the reader through Villon's picaresque Paris: footnotes point out the pubs and street corners named in the verses, capital letters and italic type ensure that the names of these places are recognized as proper names.
The ADC reports that longer passwords and passwords without proper names or dictionary words are more secure.
Regarding issue 74 of Remember When," says Richy, "I'm looking for the proper names of a couple of picture halls in Benwell in the 1940s and 1950s.
The problem of the meaning of proper names, and related problems like substitution in belief attributions and informative identity statements, have been discussed in the analytic philosophy of language ad nauseam, and some way beyond that.
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