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Synonyms for promotion

Synonyms for promotion

a progression upward in rank

a systematic effort or part of this effort to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

the act or profession of promoting something, as a product

Synonyms for promotion

act of raising in rank or position

encouragement of the progress or growth or acceptance of something

the advancement of some enterprise

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Tumor promotion is a stepwise process: It occurs with comparatively low frequency, requires the chronic action of tumor promoters, and does not necessarily involve genotoxic damage.
Calling the current level of management sufficient, top commanders say there is no need to hurry promotions in an understaffed department.
Information accumulated by checkout scanner systems is beginning to be used to improve the targeting of promotions.
At the same time, civil service commissions, unions, and other so-called "watch dogs" lend balance and equity to the promotion of public servants, but particularly to those employed by law enforcement agencies, whose virtue must be "above that of Caesar's wife.
ELK Promotions develops a deep relationship with its clients similar to that of an advertising agency.
Sheriff Lee Baca is skirting a court-ordered system of promoting deputies to sergeants, by putting his favorites on the promotion list, according to complaints lodged by the deputies' union and an attorney monitoring the process.
Although I think my cumulative record contributed to my promotion, that assignment gave me visibility and enabled me to demonstrate leadership skills that are necessary in my current position.
The new solutions, including In-store Solution Suite(TM), IRI Out-of-Stock Performance(TM) Solution, IRI Perishable Service(TM) for Retailers, IRI Price and Promotion Manager(TM) for Retailers and IRI Price and Promotion Performance(TM) for Manufacturers will provide a deeper understanding of promotion and display effectiveness, distribution status and sales trends and the ability to react quickly to changing market conditions.
It will also help reduce time spent forecasting promotions, interpreting sales and customers responses by store and product and improve visibility into future promotion profitability.
We are excited that IDQ chose to work with us to reduce the costs and increase the profitability of their promotions and limited time offers," said Anthony Wilson, CEO and President of Instill.
Instill's developed a truly innovative, collaborative solution to help operators and their trading partners enhance the profitability of promotions and limited time offers," said George Labelle, CIO of IPC.
IDEA for Promotion Optimization utilizes IDEA to allow marketers to efficiently evaluate thousands of possible promotions, discovering specific drivers and synergies between the diverse set of features.
In managing retail prices through the entire product lifecycle, retailers must be able to optimize and execute pricing and promotions effectively.
CHICAGO & PARIS -- Breakthrough Solution Leverages Harmonized Data, Advanced Modeling and Enterprise-Class Software for Unified, Decision-Enabled View of Trade Promotions Activities; Enables Improved Forecasting, Smarter Trade Funds Utilization, and Increased ROI