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a rule of evidence whereby a person is barred from denying the truth of a fact that has already been settled

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Supreme Court "adopted the doctrine of promissory estoppel as the
claim, it did distinguish the promissory estoppel claim as standing on
The state's high court reversed the promissory estoppel portion of the judgment because the negligence claim, including the jury's assessment of comparative negligence, was a remedy.
Promissory estoppel is "a qualified form of equitable estoppel which applies to representations relating to a future act of the promisor rather than to an existing fact.
may explain the cases in which promissory estoppel operates as a cause
Detrimental reliance, or at the very least, reliance founds a defensive argument in promissory estoppel by a defendant who seeks to resist the restoration of an original contract in favour of enforcement of the modified contract.
Hillman, The Unfulfilled Promise of Promissory Estoppel in the Employment Setting, 31 RUTGERS L.
The circuit court entered summary judgment on the defendants' motion, finding, among other things, that promissory estoppel was not a recognized cause of action under Illinois law.
This lawsuit, advancing claims based on unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel, and quantum meruit, is brought to compel that payment.
It has evolved during the last 150 years in a sequence of separate developments: proprietary estoppel, estoppel by representation of fact, estoppel by acquiescence, and promissory estoppel.
Suit seeks promissory estoppel and wage claim for declaratory, injunctive and equitable relief and money damages.
The attorneys say that "such a term is implied by reason of "(i) the parties course of performance (ii) industry custom and practice and (iii) promissory estoppel.
Taylor Displays sued Roark, and after several years of legal maneuvering, the jury found Roark guilty of "common law fraud, promissory estoppel and interference with prospective business advantage.
In February 1999, Pupillo was laid off from her job at the hospital, and on October 20, 1999, she filed a complaint against the hospital challenging her layoff, asserting promissory estoppel and fraud based on Gates' representations to her.
Early this year, the family won a $79 million judgment against Humana for "intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract, fraud, unfair claims practices, and promissory estoppel.