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(Greek mythology) the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind

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Prometheus provides turnkey natural gas fueling solutions to the gas utility, industrial, power, pipeline and energy sectors in North America resulting in reduced fuel cost and environmental footprint for customers.
2along with Sinclair Broadcast Group filed a 42-page motion with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in a formal response to the request of Prometheus Radio Project and Media Mobilizing Project that the Court issuean emergency stay on the FCC's media ownership reform order.
In particular, Prometheus will characterize the bodys molecular-level immune responses at multiple time points during the infection process.
Prometheus Research is collaborating with the Center for Open Science to bundle RIOS and the format conversion tools into an "add-on" module for the COS's free, web-based scientific collaboration platform, the Open Science Framework.
6 million kilometers) from Prometheus and at a Sun-Prometheus-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 106 degrees.
It was in the period of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Sunken Bell Society 1925-34) when Yang translated Prometheus Bound.
8220;Prometheus adopted this service after a thorough review of the SyndicIT program, which is a service offering backed by global technology leader Hewlett-Packard,” says Craig Maness, VP of Technology for Prometheus Real Estate Group.
Prometheus placed a trackable code on their Yelp pages and invested some marketing dollars by signing up for Yelp's new pay-per-click program to test a handful of communities late last year.
Indeed, Prometheus does have an Old Testament flood narrative feel to it in this regard.
With the lofty goal of turning the province into a global leader in materials science and engineering, the Prometheus Project--a collaboration between SFU, British Columbia and Victoria universities and the B.
The "Myriad" case (7) has been decided by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (the US appeals court that handles all patent appeals), but the Supreme Court has asked the appeals court to reconsider its ruling in light of the Prometheus decision.
THOUSANDS of visitors have been taking a closer look at two space trucks featured in sci-fi blockbuster Prometheus at Coventry Transport Museum.
In March 2012, in a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court pronounced in Prometheus v.
Prometheus >> (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico) Rock of Ages (Australia, Germany, Russia, U.