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Synonyms for prologue

Synonyms for prologue

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an introduction to a play

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This note has closely traced the performance history of The Parson's Wedding during the Restoration from its first ever all-female production in 1664 to its second and last performance in 1672, and has argued that the prologue and epilogue of the play were written specifically for the latter.
Like the novel it studies, it is framed by a prologue and epilogue that place the core of the book in an extremely revealing and resonant context.
Walker's prologue and epilogue (a revealing look at various parries arguing over where Liszt should be buried) clearly frame the diary's events.
The new prologue and epilogue by Stephen Jeffreys worked wonders in setting the scene and finishing off with a bang and the Midland accents were an interesting addition too, although I'm not sure that they worked too well - they were a bit hard to understand at times.
The book is organized in two parts with a prologue and epilogue.
Beyond the Clouds'' was completed with help from Wim Wenders, who wrote its prologue and epilogue and worked on the screenplay.
Quite the contrary, the Hannah More of the late 1770s had actually thought that Garrick's verses were `excellent', and had noted with much satisfaction on Percy's opening night that `the prologue and epilogue were received with bursts of applause'.
An informal narration, conceived as a prologue and epilogue to the series of choreographic tableaux, was not successfully integrated.
in the prologues to The False Friend and Ibrahim, in the prologue and epilogue to The Innocent Mistress, etc.
In the drama of Elizabethan England, for example, the name chorus designated a single person, often the speaker of the prologue and epilogue, as in Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus.
This HD DVD release has been created from newly restored 65mm elements, and presents the film in its original, uncut roadshow version, along with many special features, including a prologue and epilogue deleted from the film before its original theatrical premiere.