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the political orientation of those who favor progress toward better conditions in government and society

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Now he returns with an argument for the rebuilding of a progressive movement that is rooted in a faith in the possibilities of politics and government.
All political viewpoints are invited to participate in this progressive movement to enhance the democratic process, at www.
This is a biography of Robert "Fighting Bob" La Follette, one of the leaders of the American progressive movement who became governor of Wisconsin in 1900, served as a Republican Senator from Wisconsin from 1905 to 1925, and ran for President under the banner of his own Progressive Party in 1924.
Feingold, who traces his role as the Senate's leading foe of special interests to his own father's youthful involvement with the Progressive Movement, told supporters on the night of his reelection: "Now we have the chance, 100 years after the great Fighting Bob La Follette, to send a message to Washington.
Ryer and Merryman assert that the all-inclusive tally of Nader supporters will give the progressive movement the clout it needs for future elections -- without compromising the environment by electing Bush.
Ayatollah Khamenei advised members of the IRGC to preserve and strengthen their hope, determination, efforts and progressive movement, adding, "One of the necessary things in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is to have constant planning.
Using contemporary documents and Roosevelt's own writings, Rego traces the development of the political ideology of our twenty-sixth president from its roots in the Progressive movement and Social Darwinism, through the tempering of his years as president, ending in the tragedy of the First World War.
Our objective is to demonstrate that the progressive movement is alive and growing both inside and outside the Party," said PDA director, Tim Carpenter.
From the beginning of this century, the progressive movement sought a better society and better government.
With the significant rise in information security risks and progressive movement towards e-business, ISS is leveraging its global expertise to bring leading information risk management solutions to the Lain American market," said Thomas Noonan, president and chief executive officer, ISS.
Reinventing "The People"; the progressive movement, the class problem, and the origins of modern liberalism.
Bello calls this "the unfinished social-justice agenda of the progressive movement in Asia.
Through these key executive appointments, we will increase our cutting-edge strength in the new technologies and become a major participant in this progressive movement.
A dramatic "swoop" portrays a feeling of progressive movement, while stability is reflected by the dot above the "I" representing the globe.
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