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a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period

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If a profit and loss statement was prepared by any member of the related party group in the course of its business operations, that statement is material and is required to be available where the statement reflects to any extent the profit and loss of the related group attributable to U.
The significant industry segment test provides that a profit and loss statement of the related party group will be material where the following three conditions are present:
A material profit and loss statement is to be produced with respect to an activity that yields a particularly high profit.
Under the material profit and loss statement requirements of the regulations, profit and loss statements are to be a vailable for the greatest number of separate industry segments that meet the significant industry segment test.
Although reporting corporations might be inclined to meet the material profit and loss statement in the most expeditious manner possible (without giving a great deal of thought to the myriad judgments that are relevant in preparing such statements), these statements should be prepared and presented with the utmost care.