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a professor or minister who is retired from assigned duties

honorably retired from assigned duties and retaining your title along with the additional title 'emeritus' as in 'professor emeritus'

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Peter Timmer, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, discusses food security and it's relationship to the wider structural transformation of developing economies.
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our colleague Gilberto Paolini, Professor Emeritus at Tulane University.
Professor Najm held several teaching positions at International College (IC) and AUB where he served as Professor of Arabic Literature from 1964 to 1990 and was named Professor Emeritus in 1992.
The 2006 Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal will be awarded to Nils Hartler, Professor Emeritus of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
Grant Goodman is an eighty-one-year-old professor emeritus of Asian history at the University of Kansas.
Two CSUN alumni and a professor emeritus were among recipients of the university's top volunteer honors at its annual Volunteer Service Awards ceremony earlier this month.
Featured speakers include Freeman Dyson, noted physicist and futurist and professor emeritus in the School of Natural Sciences at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey; Sister Kathleen Duffy, professor of physics at Chestnut Hill College who is researching the authentic work of Teilhard and its relationship to modern developments in science; Arthur Fabel, editor of Teilhard Perspectives, the newsletter of the American Teilhard Association; Donald Gray, professor of religious studies at Manhattan College; and Father James Skehan, professor emeritus in the department of geology and geophysics at Boston College's Weston Observatory.
Nobel Prize winner Professor Emeritus Herbert Rees Wilson was among those receiving honorary degrees by the University of Wales at the weekend.
Marty, professor emeritus at the University of Chicago Divinity School and author of the biography Martin Luther (Viking), says it ain't so, and that while "digestive matters were on Luther's mind and in his intestines, .
Jack Myers is Professor Emeritus of Zoology at the University of Texas at Austin and the Senior Science Editor for "Highlights for Children".
Gotthold Hasenhuettl, professor emeritus at the University of Saarbruecken, from celebrating Mass and withdrew his teaching permit, for leading an "open Communion" at a Lutheran Church at which he distributed Communion to Catholics and non-Catholics alike (Zenit, February 17, 2004; July 17, 2003).
He is professor emeritus from Dickinson State University n North Dakota, where he served as chair of Music, Art and Theater and dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.
Louis Crompton, professor emeritus of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Finally, keynote speaker Jerry Harvey, professor emeritus of management science at George Washington University, informed and entertained attendees with his unique presentation on "The Abilene Paradox': and his views, theories and observations on organizational behavior.
In 1978 she joined the faculty of the University of Iowa, where she remained for more than twenty years and is now professor emeritus of dance.
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