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Synonyms for producer

Synonyms for producer

a person or business that makes or builds something

Synonyms for producer

someone who finds financing for and supervises the making and presentation of a show (play or film or program or similar work)

something that produces

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A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Business School, Igbokwe oversees Showtime's Black Filmmaker Showcase, a vehicle designed to introduce the work of up-and-coming directors and producers.
Van Petten credits Herskovitz with being a leader in the PGA's Truth in Credits Campaign, which successfully established criteria for producing credits and limiting the number of producers eligible for both the PGA Award and the Academy Award.
The producers of ``And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself,'' ``Hitler: The Rise of Evil,'' ``My House in Umbria,'' ``Normal'' and ``The Pentagon Papers'' will vie for the David L.
Specialty paper producers face a constant battle to maintain margin and profitability against commodity paper producers who have larger volumes and non-paper producers whose products have higher margins.
With only six weeks before the referendum voting, the best way to reach all the producers and get them involved in the referendum was by phone," said Norman Schmitt, Rudd, Iowa, pork producer.
Firestone recommended an accelerated capital cost allowance (CCA) for producers, joint international film agreements, the establishment of a film development corporation and a film industry advisory committee.
Producers have been asking for a national electronic address change service for years, said Mike Koziol, assistant vice president and counsel for the Property Casualty Insurance Agents of America in Des Plaines, Ill.
With so much information available, producers are using a number of resources for news, management/production information and product selection.
Coolidge's misplacement of blame on the 'producers' when we believe she meant to point to the hiring practices of the studios, networks and management,'' said Vance Van Petten, executive director of the producers guild.
Many producers routinely find answers to questions on how checkoff funds are utilized through available educational materials they can take home and put to use," Jarolimek said.
Through partnerships with BBC World Service and station-based and independent producers, the Minneapolis-based network provides over 400 hours of programming each week, content that is broadcast and streamed online by over 780 PRI affiliates nationwide, which reach 29 million listeners each week.
How does the relationship between renewable fuel plants and producers work?
Many of the latter agencies hire at least two new producers each year--and some larger agencies hire more than five producers a year.
RESPONDING to a complaint instigated by the supposedly free-trade Bush administration, the International Trade Commission has found that low-priced foreign steel has hurt American steel producers, which could lead to the imposition of tariffs or quotas on steel imports.