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Synonyms for producer

Synonyms for producer

a person or business that makes or builds something

Synonyms for producer

someone who finds financing for and supervises the making and presentation of a show (play or film or program or similar work)

something that produces

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A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Business School, Igbokwe oversees Showtime's Black Filmmaker Showcase, a vehicle designed to introduce the work of up-and-coming directors and producers.
Van Petten credits Herskovitz with being a leader in the PGA's Truth in Credits Campaign, which successfully established criteria for producing credits and limiting the number of producers eligible for both the PGA Award and the Academy Award.
So to sell 100 accounts, these producers need only 300 good leads in their pipeline, rather than the 1,000 leads needed for cold calling.
And one of the most important segments of that industry are the dairy producers within Capital Press' coverage area of California and the Pacific Northwest.
Film producers that shoot outside the Greater Toronto Area receive the bonus.
In the late 1970s, Brazil and Chile started to emerge as major market pulp producers.
North American producers were therefore able to export product to Europe.
But as we know by now, his part in The Producers is hardly a he-man.
Resin producers say strong March sales included a lot of prebuying ahead of two price increases.
Hollywood Squares" Pat Tourk Lee, John Moffitt, Whoopi Goldberg, executive producers; Steve Radosh, supervising producer; Susan Abramson, coordinating producer (syn)
That some producers get more money for their pork is no secret in the industry.
The Prince Edward Island government did not want to miss out on Emily in the wake of missing the boat when producer Kevin Sullivan landed on shore in the mid-1980s with several Anne of Green Gables projects in tow and his finger pointing toward the Road to Avonlea.
Movie and TV producers have always had some leeway in their accounting.
The success of American independent film in recent years is due in no small part to the personal integrity and financial savvy of a new generation of producers more interested in film's artistic potential than its mass-market appeal.
The idea is to stop foreigners from establishing an unbreakable monopoly by driving American producers out of the market through predatory underselling.