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Synonyms for Procyon

the brightest star in Canis Minor

the type genus of the family Procyonidae: raccoons

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The Procyon Blade system provides a single solution for an organized, accessible, high-performance and dense network system.
Predicting raccoon, Procyon lotor, occurrence through the use of microhabitat variables.
The animal's Latin name is Procyon lotor, and they can live to more than 20 years in captivity.
Some of these intersections, where they are believed to represent a significant reef, including the Procyon Reef described above, have been sent for Screen Fire Assays where the chances of larger gold particles being recovered from the assay process is increased (if they are present) - a much more accurate assay method for coarse 'nuggetty' gold.
Procyon Oil & Gas Limited is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy providing services to a broad range of clients in the upstream oil and gas industry for both offshore and onshore locations.
The new handheld ProCyon system combines the flexible, rugged Psion WORKABOUT PRO handheld computer with Altus APS-3 RTK GNSS receiver for a powerful GIS data-acquisition platform.
Instead of focusing on end users in a saturated market, Procyon used its experiences with music discovery to find new partners and customers in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that would benefit from their personalized music recommendations, advertising and editorial content preference mapping technology.
The GL Procyon Series-Flood Light (SP100W-CW/WW), using only 100W of power, provides the equivalent amount of light as a 400W mercury lamp.
The XTI Procyon LED Tactical Illuminator delivers 125 lumens of stunning white light.
Bearing the original slide lock attaching system, the Procyon will mount to all standard weapon rails.
Canopus, Rigel, Regulus and Procyon are all examples of what?
He asked what ship I was on; I told him the USS Procyon.
Multiple paternity and relatedness in raccoons Procyon lotor.
Procyon Instruments of Newport is working with St George's Hospital to test for diagnosing physical addiction to heroin.
Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri system, Arcturus, Vega, Capella system, Rigel, Procyon, Achernar, Betelgeuse