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a person authorized to act for another

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(ancient Rome) someone employed by the Roman Emperor to manage finance and taxes

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The greater temporal variation in the amount of DIC cases suggests that the Party agency is more susceptible to periodic campaigns than the procuracy, which enjoys more autonomy.
2007: The procuracy, Putin, and the rule of law in Russia.
The Supreme People's Procuracy reported that between December 1, 2010 and November 30, 2011, authorities prosecuted 153 cases of trafficking and related offenses, the same number of cases reported during the previous year.
Judicial--Supreme People's Court; Prosecutorial Supreme People's Procuracy.
The procuracies--administrative bodies that apply the law of North Korea to individual cases--follow this three-tiered system with a separate chain of responsibility to the Central Procurator's Office, the highest procuracy in the DPRK.
48) The fact that Romanian Jehovah's Witnesses had no specialized clerical members, all baptized members being therefore considered to be "ordained ministers" and so allowed to conduct religious services (because of the large amount of time spent for actions associated with their religious practices), has been considered by the military procuracy as an abuse on the part of the religious group.
Similarly, nationally supervised professional police forces and a national professional procuracy minimize, in relative terms, conflicts and constitutional litigation over issues of criminal law and procedure.
147) In such a context, virtually whatever the state-controlled media transmits carries authoritative weight, from written or oral pronouncements of the top leaders, which are printed in the People's Daily but not formally enacted into law, to statements on television by an official of the Supreme People's Procuracy, (148) to a speech of the Vice-President of the Supreme People's Court published by the Court, (149) to anecdotes in a legal newspaper about children failing to care for their elderly parents.
The major function of the procuracy is to oversee the administration of justice in its role as an investigative and supervisory branch of the judicial system.
Both procuracy bodies and Urmat Barktabasov are guilty in the events which took place yesterday.
amended in 1983, 1986, and 2006 (Article 3 discusses Socialism, and Article 11 discusses Democratic Centralism); [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Renmin jianchayuan zuzhifa [People's Procuracy Organic Law] (promulgated by the Standing Comm.
5) The incidents include the killings of the Minister of the Interior of Dagestan, regional administrators, relatives of mayors, members of the procuracy, deputy mufti, and an odd target, the head of a children's dance troupe in Ingushetia.
AaAaAaThe Hanoi People"s Procuracy filed murder charges Wednesday against the student, 22-year-old Vu Kim Anh, and requested the maximum penalty of death, the state-run newspaper Lao Dong reported.
In these eight essays leading thinkers evaluate the political realities, covering such topics as the problem of misplaced sovereignty and its relation to constitutionalism and accountability, the Russian Constitutional Court's long struggle for viable federalism, judge-made principles in theory and practice, whether the constitution matters in the case of freedom of the press, constitutional questions deferred in the unresolved case of the Procuracy, modern Russian political procedure in terms of the adversarial principle and the guilty plea, jury trial and adversary procedure reform, Russia's constitutional project and prospects for the future.