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a person authorized to act for another

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(ancient Rome) someone employed by the Roman Emperor to manage finance and taxes

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Chongqing Dadukou District Procuracy has been running a restorative justice project on a trial basis for 20 juvenile delinquents who received suspended sentences since 2004.
These problems include doctrinal shortcomings in the law (certain organizations such as "the CCP, the Procuracy, state-owned enterprises, and quasi-administrative units .
the Procuracy, private property, a property registration system, and
Additionally, USDOJ's Resident Legal Advisor continues to instruct officials on how to conduct narcotics investigations and prosecutions at Armenia's Procuracy School.
Another significant advance in the Code is the transfer, from the Procuracy to the courts, of authority to issue search and arrest warrants.
on behalf of the Verkhovna Rada and Cabinet of Ministers," (238) the Procuracy of Ukraine, functions alongside the country's court system.
11) A highly credentialed and independent Japanese judiciary, procuracy, and bar are deliberately constrained by the state so that both their capacity to deliver formal sanctions and their accessibility to citizens is limited.
3) "The Soviet Procuracy combines in one office functions of the United States Attorney General's Office, Congressional investigating committees, grand jury and public prosecutor.
Peter the Great's procuracy was established "[p]recisely
When the federal government chooses to intervene, it works through the Procuracy, MOJ, Presidential Administration, and the courts, forcing regions to comply with federal law or not, depending on the political stakes, as with the Moscow Jehovah's Witnesses and Salvation Army cases.
The MVD and the civilian police, together with the procuracy, fought and prosecuted various forms of corruption.
Application and Interpretation of Rules: I held meetings with legal and other governance project implementers (on issues of public perceptions about law, and the role of law in shaping behaviour), representatives of the Supreme People's Procuracy (having prosecutorial functions and general "supervisory" functions vis-a-vis the public administration, including courts), the minister of justice, Ministry of Justice officials, legal academics, and judges from various courts.
HANOI - The Supreme People's Procuracy is prosecuting Vietnamese American Nguyen Duc Tam, 34, chief representative of the Dawn Breaker Company, for misappropriating nearly US$4 million in a case of phone fraud.
At the reception, President Sang spoke highly of the cooperation between the Office of Co-Prosecutors and the Viet Nam Supreme People s Procuracy over the past time.