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(Greek mythology) a mythical giant who was a thief and murderer

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5) computed from the obtained Procrustes distances reveals the existence of two groups: the first consists of L.
La repetibilidad de las mediciones fue confiable en las coordenadas alineadas despues de la superposicion de Procrustes (> 93 %); Cs (99.
The squared average of Procrustes distances for all specimens is the individual contribution to the FA component of variation within a sample.
4] can be demonstrated more objectively using the same indices as in Study 1: the Procrustes statistic ([g.
mind like that of the bed of Procrustes on the human body; for, as it must
A "bed of Procrustes," Chesnutt's own trope for the crippling dangers in African American aspiration or accommodation in post-Reconstruction America, may not fully describe his own drama of authorship.
As Heilbroner and Milberg lament, economics "performs a conceptual operation Procrustes would have envied," lopping off any questions that can't be quantified and proclaiming them "noneconomic" problems.
The landmark data were superimposed using General Procrustes Analysis for translation and rotation parameters [22].
La talla de cada configuracion fue estimada usando la "Talla del Centroide" (TC) (Bookstein 1991); una vez que todos los individuos fueron digitalizados los efectos de traslacion, escala y rotacion fueron eliminados del conjunto de configuraciones, al utilizar un analisis ortogonal de minimos cuadrados generalizados de Procrustes (AGP) (Rohlf & Slice 1990), se implementa en el programa tpsSmall (Rolhf 2003); en este procedimiento todas las configuraciones fueron escaladas a TC=1.
Se determino la alometria multivariada con datos transformados a logaritmo y deformaciones parciales con transformaciones de los datos en distancias de procrustes y analisis cluster con las coordenadas de la configuracion consenso de cada una de las especies empleando el algoritmo UPGMA.
If you believe that you have an actual choice in these plot questions, you probably also think that Procrustes ran a nice hotel.
Procrustes FA is the difference between the landmarks coordinates of the original figure and symmetric average standard, or consensus.
For each anatomical landmark, the Procrustes residual is the difference between the position of the specimens' anatomical landmarks and the position of the homologous anatomical landmark in the consensus.