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a transistor in which most current flows in a channel whose effective resistance can be controlled by a transverse electric field

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Beginning with this joint development for 45nm system LSI process technology, Toshiba and NEC Electronics have begun to discuss a comprehensive alliance, and through the development and mass-production of excellent system LSI products, aim for leadership in the global semiconductor industry.
The thickness of the gate dielectric in LSI grows progressively thinner with each new generation of CMOS process technology.
The Union Carbide/Davy Process Technology license for Yeochun is Lucky's second; the first was for propylene-based 2EH production at a 100,000 metric tons-per-year unit at its Naju, Korea plant.
Davy Process Technology, based in Stockton-on Tees and London, is a leading technology company in John Brown's worldwide engineering and construction business.
This new process technology has been engineered in a modular fashion, providing a platform to enable future wireless products to combine flash, logic or analog functions in a variety of combinations.
Just a decade ago, the state-of-the-art process technology was 250nm, meaning transistor dimensions were approximately 5.
Elpida, a leading provider of advanced DRAM products, is currently realizing high yields and productivity from its 90nm process technology used in mass production.
Current process technology uses conventional lithography, which has significant limitations in defining microprocessor designs beyond the 65nm process technology generation.
In addition to PSC investing capital PSC will also allocate human resources for a part of Elpida's next generation DRAM process technology development, thus allowing both parties to enjoy the benefits of joint development.
The move to 65nm process technology enables AMD to produce more processors on a 300mm wafer, for increased production capacity, while continuing to aggressively scale performance and reduce power consumption.
LISBON, Portugal -- Chipidea, the world's leading provider of analog/mixed-signal silicon intellectual property, announced today that it provides the widest available portfolio of analog front-end and data converter IP in Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing's most advanced foundry process technology.
NYSE:MU), and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) today announced they are sampling the industry's first NAND flash memory built on industry-leading 50 nanometer (nm) process technology.
a leader in advanced semiconductor technology solutions, today announced the qualification of its 65-nanometer (nm) low power process technology manufactured in the company's state of the art 300mm dedicated logic fab.
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