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hard disk

Synonyms for memory

the power of retaining and recalling past experience

an act or instance of remembering

Synonyms for memory

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Long-term declarative memory, perception, and motor modules are all restricted to accessing and modifying their associated working memory buffers, whereas procedural memory has access to all of working memory (but no direct access to the contents of long-term declarative memory or itself).
Finn further added that it was likely to be the procedural memory system that was really important for learning those difficult morphological aspects of language; when one uses the declarative memory system, it doesn't help but harms him.
When the procedural memory is incapable of supporting a decision, the episodic memory is tapped.
Declarative Memory Procedural Memory (Physical Skills) Also called explicit memory.
Memory storage is also made up of two processes called procedural memory and declarative memory (Ormrod, 2006).
Following certification, a period of skill and knowledge deterioration takes place that Alspach (2005) attributes to the inability of the brain to form a procedural memory of the task.
In highly stressful situations in which a person deals with events or emotions that are unacceptable, declarative memory is incapable of storing them and they will be stored in the procedural memory that is actually the unconscious mind of the person.
Unlike both episodic and semantic memory, procedural memory is not easily accessible to conscious awareness or verbal description and evaluation.
This is as opposed to procedural memory, the memory required to do things that feel relatively automatic, such as walking, sitting or even riding a bicycle.
Two kinds of memories contribute to the extended self: episodic memory, which is the recollection of specific experience (things I can remember having done), and procedural memory, which encompasses repeated and familiar routines (things I think of myself doing regularly) (47).
We proposed that during training, temporary connections are created that bond the mental representation of the stimuli used to acquire a new skill to the procedural memory of the new skill itself.
It is comprised of three storage systems: episodic memory (facts or events), semantic memory (knowledge or beliefs about facts and events--"wisdom"), and procedural memory (sequences or patterns of behavior).
This procedural memory very much depends on lower parts of the brain, called the basal ganglia and cerebellum, which are not affected by amnesia and are not affected by dementia, so that even deeply amnesic people like Clive have all the procedural skills they have.
Some specific areas examined include a test model library for GUI testing of smartphone applications, history heuristic based negotiation of service level agreements for composite service, a method for measuring the size of a component-based system specification, selecting a high-quality central model for sharing architectural knowledge, and path and context sensitive inter- procedural memory leak detection.
The role and resiliency of repetitive religious activities in regard to the neuropsychological losses of AD will relate to procedural memory and emotional attachments.