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Researchers collected data on the maximum size for major groups of land mammals on each continent, including Perissodactyla, odd-toed ungulates such as horses and rhinos; Proboscidea, which includes elephants, mammoth and mastodon; Xenarthra, the anteaters, tree sloths, and armadillos; as well as a number of other extinct groups.
The three dimensional configuration of the dental tubules is under genetic control and is therefore characteristic to the order of Proboscidea.
Mastodons are members of the extinct genus "Mammut" of the order Proboscidea and form the family Mammutidae; they resembled, but were distinct from, the woolly mammoth, which belongs to the family Elephantidae.
If we do not "bring elephants back and offer them a chance for an evolving, deepening citizenship" in the current natural world, she says, "then Order Proboscidea will never again produce American endemics; the evolution of Order Proboscidea in the NewWorld will be over.
CM Oscillatoria curviceps (Agardh) Gomont CT Oscillatoria proboscidea (Gomont) Anagnostidis CM Oscillatoria sancta (Kützing) Gomont CT CT Oscillatoria subbrevis Schimidle CT CT Oscillatoria sp.
Ownbey Pedaliaceae Proboscidea louisianica A N 4004 (Mill.
There she will enjoy the subwoofer rumblings of her fellow Proboscidea Elephanstidae Loxodonta: Minnie, Rebecca, Annie, Winky and Wanda -- all Asian elephants -- and "71," Mara and Lulu, fellow African elephants.