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a trial period during which your character and abilities are tested to see whether you are suitable for work or for membership

a trial period during which an offender has time to redeem himself or herself

(law) a way of dealing with offenders without imprisoning them

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Some businesses have faith in their ability to hire and develop the right employees without relying on probationary periods.
In the current economy, many private employers are choosing a temp-to-perm arrangement using an outside employment agency rather than implementing formal probationary periods for employees," Moakley says.
Most experts agree that new employees who perform poorly during probationary periods seldom improve their performance significantly after the trial period has ended.
DO adopt, distribute and implement a policy regarding probationary periods before interviewing or hiring any probationary employees.
Fluet's (1992) finding suggests a certain kind of inferiority of the probationary period as a screening device when compared with the monetary deductible.
We also argue that the conditions for a probationary period to be preferred over a limited term are fairly simple and intuitive.
Hence, the equilibrium concept requires that expected utility be maximized for both types (since, otherwise, another contract could attract consumers and make nonnegative profits), given the incentive compatibility constraints (ICH) and (ICL), the zero-profit constraint (BE), the requirement that the probationary period is nonnegative and less than n (TC1), the requirement that the limited term [t.
Hence, the equilibrium contract for L will entail either a probationary period or a limited term or both.
One hundred percent of mentors believed the program helped their proteges assimilate into the department, acquire and enhance their skills, identify career goals, and successfully complete their probationary periods.
At the same time, 89 percent of the proteges felt the program and their mentors helped them assimilate into the department, build knowledge and confidence, enhance and acquire skills, identify career goals, and successfully complete their probationary periods.
The probationary period can be a stressful time for police recruits.