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done for the public good without compensation

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Caption: Bill Waddell won the American Bar Association's Pro Bono Publico Award for his legal contributions to the medical-legal partnership that works with the Mid-Delta Health Systems in Clarendon.
Levin, Pro Bono Publico in a Parallel Universe: The Meaning of Pro Bono in Solo and Small Law Firms, 37 HOFSTRA L.
Schmedemann, Pro Bono Publico as a Conscience Good, 35 WM.
Heredia acostumbra llevar uno o 2 asuntos Pro Bono (de la frase latina Pro bono publico, que se refiere a las acciones realizadas "por el bien publico"), para ayudar a personas sin recursos, como fue el caso del joven Zuniga del documental Presunto culpable, que llevo junto con el abogado Salvador Herrera Chavez, del mismo despacho.
He was a pioneer in how modern law is practiced; developed the modern law firm; was the author of the tight to privacy; led the way in creating the role of the lawyer as counselor; and pioneered the idea of pro bono publico work by attorneys.
Angelini with the Pro Bono Publico Award at the Access to Justice Awards luncheon on Friday.
But it did not seek to maximise profits in the short term, and pro bono publico was a (largely unspoken) part of its philosophy.
From the Latin, pro bono publico means "for the public good.
Maute, Pro Bono Publico in Oklahoma, Time for Change, 53 OKLA.
ADVOCATES in the United States of lawyers furnishing pro bono publico services argue from need, responsibility and even morality, while opponents emphasize compelling principles of autonomy and freedom.
All of the firm's attorneys participate in community and national affairs, with many serving on non-profit boards, teaching, publishing or working pro bono publico.
Despite the best professional efforts by Professor Boyle, who is working pro bono publico on this matter, so far the entire United Nations Organization has refused to act upon this Complaint on behalf of the Children of Iraq.
We the people are acting on our inalienable right to gather in coffee shops where murmurs of Dan Rather's bias may be heard, to rate the Super Bowl commercials, to visit Websites where the big city page-ones are slightingly compared, to read of the advance or retreat of favorite pundits, to be addressed as a knowing insider, to go into the interpretation business pro bono publico, to mount the electronic stage and there exhibit our special knack for decoding and debunking.
Matalon, Note, The Civil Indigent's Last Chance for Meaningful Access to the Federal Courts: The Inherent Power to Mandate Pro Bono Publico, 71 B.
But their ideas merely expressed the widespread Ciceronian concept of the vita activa, with its dedication pro bono publico, as we well know from the work of Kristeller, Garin, Baron, Rice and other modern scholars not cited here.