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in proportion

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The general rule is that the items for the entire year are allocated between the S and C short years on a pro rata basis.
08 billion through four interim distributions on a pro rata basis to remaining shareholders, representing $.
The most common methods of allocating headquarters costs are: On a pro rata basis per square footage of space occupied (50 percent of those describing how they allocate costs); On a lump sum basis, e.
Such income, computed on a pro rata basis, is $11,250: the note's face value ($60,000) less its basis ($45,000), divided by its face value ($60,000), multiplied by the repayment amount ($45,000).
Distributions must be made generally on a pro rata basis, while compensation need not be paid in proportion to shareholdings.
Principal is distributed on a modified pro rata basis, with the class A notes initially receiving all principal collections beginning with the class A-1 notes until paid in full.