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On a pro rata basis, both common and all classes of preferred shareholders will receive this dividend, the company said.
If passenger traffic grows faster than planned, the resulting higher income will go to the airlines on a pro rata basis.
The tax adviser determines that corporate items of income, loss, deduction or credit normally are allocated between the S corporation portion of the year and the C corporation portion of the year on a pro rata basis.
08 billion through four interim distributions on a pro rata basis to remaining shareholders, representing $.
The most common methods of allocating headquarters costs are: On a pro rata basis per square footage of space occupied (50 percent of those describing how they allocate costs); On a lump sum basis, e.
Such income, computed on a pro rata basis, is $11,250: the note's face value ($60,000) less its basis ($45,000), divided by its face value ($60,000), multiplied by the repayment amount ($45,000).