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Synonyms for boxing

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Inside Sport would like to offer Team Calzaghe our Pete's experience to negotiate the shark-infested waters of American prize-fighting when Joe decides to take a trip across the Pond.
Lewis has long been a prominent figure in the prize-fighting world, first as a fighter, then as an active promoter of matches all over the country and as a manager of such stars as former light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion Michael Spinks.
ROTHERHAM may not be the most glamourous venue in prize-fighting, but the boxing world will be focused on the South Yorkshire town tonight when Clinton Woods has his best chance yet of landing a world title.
His articles have dealt with detective fiction and films, science fiction, Victorian prize-fighting, the Constitution, John Brown, George Orwell, and Harold Pinter's screenplays.
I class it with smoking, recreational drugs, hunting, boxing and prize-fighting as activities that go on, but they do so without my participation or attendance.
In particular, Jones has a fondness for prize-fighting roosters -- cockfighting, we believe they call it, which is a felony in the state.
Cale, who looked as if he had learned his stance from a bad prize-fighting print, didn't seem to have much of a clue.
Beginning at age 6 with streetcorner jobs as a shoeshine boy and selling newspapers, he went on to work his way through college and law school doing jobs ranging from a railroad laborer and truck driver to prize-fighting as a boxer.
Gorn, The Manly Art: Bare-Knuckle Prize-Fighting in America (Ithaca, NY, 1986), pp.