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Synonyms for boxing

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The gentleman and the prize-fighter put on the gloves, and faced each other in the classically correct posture of pugilistic defense.
Silverstein found vent in a diatribe against all prize-fighters and against Joe Fleming in particular.
That brute Purvis, the prize-fighter, who is his paid bully, had to bully his master before he could be persuaded out of it.
To be quite frank, I have had them on my conscience for some time; one couldn't hear so much of the man, and his prize-fighter, and his diamonds, without feeling it a kind of duty to have a go for them; but when it comes to brandishing a revolver and practically challenging the world, the thing becomes inevitable.
Next instant the prize-fighter disarmed him; and I was safe from the devil, but finally doomed to the deep sea.
asked the prize-fighter, smiling on us each in turn, with his black and bloodshot eyes and his bloated lip.
However much the Magic works I shall not be a prize-fighter.
It had a sanded floor, benches round it, and yellow pictures of Victorian prize-fighters on the walls.
The TRANSCONTINENTAL crowd were nanny- goats, but you fellows are a lot of prize-fighters.
He was very fearful of going out alone, and he always employed two prize-fighters to act as porters at Pondicherry Lodge.
The Good Badman' is about an old prize-fighter has a task to perform.
LIKE a prize-fighter talking and walking tough on his way to a showdown in the ring, Cam Newton has ducked nothing and nobody on his march to the Super Bowl arena.
I look back at the gap between winning Prize-fighter and this shot and think 'where has the time gone?
The experienced Aston will be back in the corner on Saturday when his 24-year-old son - who is sponsored by property investment company Big Property Sale of Edgerton - seeks a 10th win since his sole career defeat to Adil Anwar in the Prize-fighter tournament in 2012.
Travis won the national Prize-fighter tournament as did Jon-Lewis Dickinson - the only brothers to achieve the double.