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Synonyms for boxing

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Next instant the prize-fighter disarmed him; and I was safe from the devil, but finally doomed to the deep sea.
I look back at the gap between winning Prize-fighter and this shot and think 'where has the time gone?
The experienced Aston will be back in the corner on Saturday when his 24-year-old son - who is sponsored by property investment company Big Property Sale of Edgerton - seeks a 10th win since his sole career defeat to Adil Anwar in the Prize-fighter tournament in 2012.
Travis won the national Prize-fighter tournament as did Jon-Lewis Dickinson - the only brothers to achieve the double.
A REVIEW of BBC current affairs coverage has compared interviews on Radio 4's Today Programme to a one-sided bout with a prize-fighter.
The third Welterweight Prize-fighter is part of a great line-up of boxing in the Black Country with Britain's hottest young fighter, Khalid Yafai, tasting his first action of 2013 as he hunts the big names and titles in the bantamweight division.
THE terrific performance by Terry Carruthers to reach the final of the recent Prize-fighter competition paid off handsomely on the night and will do so again.
In the movie Hugh plays an ex prize-fighter who builds a fighting robot for a new form of boxing.
Lou Filippo, a former prize-fighter who also spent more than 30 years as a California referee and judge, died Monday at the age of 83 of complications from a brain stem stroke he suffered the previous Tuesday.
Whoever wins the 12-rounder won't earn as much as Irvine-based Ryan Brawley did in nine by taking the Prize-fighter title and pounds 25,000 at lightweight on Tuesday night.
And I now resemble a prize-fighter after slashing my face several times while trying to get rid of two-day-old facial hair.
Not bad for an East End lad who worked as a porter in Billingsgate Fish Market, never won a major pro title and campaigned for just exactly seven years as a prize-fighter.
Her final contact with the theater came in 1999 when the Limon Dance Company invited her to restage Champion (1948), an early work about a prize-fighter who was an antihero.
Pitted against this moral turpitude were Canada's pro-life warriors and the prize-fighter Joe Borowski.
The most recent to feature here is probably the prize-fighter who kept a zoo and dressed as a clergyman; the furthest back must be the man from Handsworth who designed a bomb to kill rabbits in New South Wales.