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Synonyms for boxing

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Yes--he's gone--and let those who hold up prize fighting as Noble, manly and honourable, look upon that young man cut off in the prime of life--and Read the Moral Here.
The author of this Book, Jack Anderson, a law lecturer at Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, puts the subject into its historical and social context, and traces the legal response to prize fighting between 1820 and 1920 and developments in boxing from then until the present day, analysing the current relationship between the Criminal and Civil law and boxing.
His focus is upon films in which prize fighting is essential to the theme or the protagonist is a pugilist.
Gom, The Manly Art: Bare-knuckle Prize Fighting in America (Ithaca, 1986); George Chauncey, Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World 1890-1940 (New York, 1994).
You could say it is the ultimate form of prize fighting that still falls just within the law.
In his youth Bronson made his money by bare-knuckle prize fighting in the back streets of London's East End and later became a circus strongman.
Brailsford, who has already written the story of prize fighting, may yet oblige.
He travelled to a Sugar Ray Leonard fight in Las Vegas at city expense, at first telling reporters that he was trying to lure prize fighting to the District.
Fighters will start in gyms and work their way up the ladder of HBO Sports' boxing series: KO Nation, HBO Boxing After Dark, HBO World Championship Boxing, and the pinnacle of professional prize fighting -- TVKO Pay-Per-View from HBO.
I believe prize fighting is something that should only be done by those that are 100 per cent committed to it.
The Commonwealth Games heavyweight gold medallist has sold 120 tickets for his prize fighting bow at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, which will be screened live on Sky subscription channel Boxnation.
Physically he felt ready for prize fighting, but not mentally.