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Synonyms for lottery

Synonyms for lottery

something that is regarded as a chance event

players buy (or are given) chances and prizes are distributed by casting lots

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COM combines the best of the Internet into a single, customizable start up page along with an exciting $100 Million Prize drawing.
The fourth and final preliminary draw of the Million Dollar Raffle for ten $10,000 prizes is tomorrow and the Grand Prize drawing on St.
The grand prize drawing will take place Friday, March 16th.
2, as well as the grand prize drawing, people must purchase their tickets before 5 p.
All completed entry forms, including the weekly winners, were submitted for the grand prize drawing for the motorcycle and truck.
With a grand prize drawing on July 30, and two "Early Bird Drawings" on June 10 and July 15, entrants purchasing tickets by May 26 will have a chance at winning a million dollar home in Santa Barbara, a new Ford Mustang GT, a new Mini-Cooper and other exciting cash prizes.
They will also automatically be entered into the grand prize drawing.
Friday, April 14, and the early bird prize drawing will be held at Irvine BMW on Thursday, May 11.
Those who have all answers correct are eligible for the Grand Prize drawing for 2 international round trip tickets provided by Northwest Airlines.
a third prize drawing for a private performance by a Grand Rapids Symphony Ensemble.