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an advisory council to a ruler (especially to the British Crown)

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Last week a straight-talking Yorkie friend asked me what Privy Councillors do.
Rather than look to the privy councillors or Speaker for guidance, many Members took their cue from independent-minded gentlemen like Sir Edwin Sandys (1561-1629), sometimes dubbed 'tribunes of the people'.
Former Tory leader Michael Howard sits on the advisory group of Privy Councillors leading the review and is understood to have urged a change in tack.
But he said it would be like the Franks inquiry after the Falklands War - held behind closed doors and conducted by Privy Councillors, a select group of senior politicians.
Earlier, Mr Howard said his proposals were based on a report commissioned by former Home Secretary David Blunkett from a cross-party panel of Privy Councillors.
The committee of Privy Councillors was established by Mr Blair on February 3, shortly after the publication of the Hutton Report, which cleared ministers of distorting intelligence on Iraq's supposed WMD.
The passing years also weighed heavily upon the men and women who served the Queen, kept her company and, in the case of privy councillors, administered the realm in her name.
Well here's some advice Ma'am that your Privy Councillors should be giving you.
As neither Throckmorton nor Croftes were executed for their alleged offense, it has been argued that both prosecutions were attempts by Mary and her Privy Councillors to incriminate Elizabeth and her adherents of treason.
Or will the former Prime Ministers, the present Prime Minister, and other Privy Councillors be able to plead higher commitment?
All Cabinet ministers are privy councillors, as well as leaders of major political parties and persons with experience of the law, politics and administration.
What the resolution said was that there should be an inquiry now, with an open, public inquiry conducted by seven privy councillors into a military operation that's still going on.
Beneath the ranks of the Privy Councillors and above the Doorkeepers were just 500 civil servants, upon whom the later Smart monarchy's capacity to govern depended.