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an advisory council to a ruler (especially to the British Crown)

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Last week a straight-talking Yorkie friend asked me what Privy Councillors do.
Former Tory leader Michael Howard sits on the advisory group of Privy Councillors leading the review and is understood to have urged a change in tack.
The Lloyd George scandal was also responsible for the creation of the Political Honours Scrutiny Committee of privy councillors, which weeds out unsuitable nominees.
Closely related is the candour argument, which claims that failure to protect the views and opinions of ministers would have a chilling effect on their willingness to speak their minds freely as required by their oaths as privy councillors.
In a departure from past practice, the 27 parliamentary secretaries appointed by the Prime Minister were also sworn in as Privy Councillors.
They argue that, far from being separated, these beliefs interacted with and influenced each other to create a fantastic story, in this instance, partly because James VI and his privy councillors became involved in the trials, helping to direct the witches' confessions into accounts of treason.
There are surveys of England as a whole, of the Queen, her suitors and her court, of her Privy Councillors (when the Council still governed under the Queen's direction), the seafarers and explorers who gained such fame for England, of the learned men at Oxford and Cambridge, of the innovators (often ignored by historians) and of her soldiers.
Its duke, along with four privy councillors, ruled the area as the privy council, but their approach to governance was reactive, not proactive; "the word pastiche characterizes the reality of early modern governing better than the word design.
They were each held at a different location, with details of those locations known only to Her Majesty, the captain of the aircraft from which she and the Privy Councillors were parachuted in and the commander of the SAS unit which affected the extraction on conclusion of the meeting.