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room in which a monarch or other great person receives guests, assemblies, etc

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In a thirty-year career as lutenist, composer, and courtier (and survivor, as editor Jane Bernstein remarks), he rose to the position of Gentleman of the Privy Chamber, in charge of this musical king's private music, which was supplied by a special corps of men and boys, and Keeper of the Royal Instruments, of which there were several hundred.
Among the most important structures of this inner zone were the Privy Chamber (hass odasi), the dormitories of the pages, the Inner Treasury and the harem, as well as a series of gardens.
The Holbein mural, most likely painted on a wall in Henry's Privy Chamber at Whitehall, was the first lifesize, full-length portrait of a monarch to be created in
Even so, Mears challenges the claim that the privy chamber lost power because women dominated it.
42) According to this warrant, only members of the Privy Council and those sworn to the Privy Chamber were to be admitted there-
Ives makes Thomas Cromwell the Machiavellian architect of a double conspiracy, one designed to bring down both Queen Anne and Cromwell's enemies in the king's privy chamber.
Although the heresy hunt claimed several victims, it collapsed when a court headed by Wriothesley rashly condemned a privy chamber servant and close companion of the king named George Blagge without obtaining Henry's prior consent.
For this reason he places heavy emphasis on a proposed council of the estate, which would bring together elements of the Privy Council and Privy Chamber as well as members of the royal household to examine the problems facing the realm and advise the king weekly.
knevyt liewtenant of the towre and of the privy chamber in kynge Henrys tyme.
The key institution differentiating Tudor and early Stuart monarchy from earlier practices is the Privy Chamber or Bedchamber (as it was called under James I): the king's private chamber which, in the words of David Starkey, "marked the frontier between the public and private lives of the monarch" (1987a, 8).
Thomas Wrath also attended Grey's Inn, and held many local as well as court offices: he was master of the musters, an influential gentleman usher to Prince Edward, a gentleman of the privy chamber, a member of a commission to enforce martial law, as well as a member of a special commission to review the courts, the Exchequer, and other bodies; his duties included the review of moneys owed to and by the Crown.
He consulted with the ladies of Elizabeth's privy chamber about a suitable gift.