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changing something from state to private ownership or control

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One of the reasons people are mistrustful of privitisation is that too many companies have taken public sector contracts as no-risk cash cows.
It's certainly not that safe for future of the public's wellbeing with the phased encroachment of privitisation where profit vultures will asset strip the NHS to the bone like they have with most other former state owned entities.
But unions fear the principles on which the NHS was founded are gradually being eroded by privitisation and patients will lose out, particularly the most needy and vulnerable.
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said privitisation was the best way to secure further investment, adding that it was a policy previously backed by Labour.
I AGREE with the opening paragraphs of Labour Party organiser Mick Hills' letter about privitisation in the NHS (3.
Perez suggests that TAQA was also comforted by the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) successful track record of privitisation of the power generation sector.
Summary: A report has slammed the Ministry of Defence over equipment, calling for privitisation.
Peyia councillor Linda Leblanc said the fact that a private company had dammed the river raised the question of privitisation of a public resource.
Jacques de Bandt, Privatisation in an Industrial Policy Perspective, in PRIVITISATION IN THE EUROPEAN UNION: THEORY AND POLICY PERSPECTIVES 88, 88 (David Parker ed.
It is feared to be just one part of the health service lined up for privitisation.