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changing something from state to private ownership or control

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The party is campaigning for MPs to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill, which would reverse the changes implemented to the NHS that allow more privitisation.
He said that ST is also against privitisation of PIA and other State institutions as it would be tantamount to economic murder of employees.
But the reason I think the widescale privitisation of the public sphere is as much a threat to the business world as it is an opportunity, is that there is a long history of such work being done really, really badly.
Perhaps he really means the NHS is safe for mass and eventually complete privitisation.
Yves Bourdet and Inga Persson summarized Blaise Compaore's economic policies adopted during 1990s as, "The deregulation of markets and the privitisation of the majority of state-owned enterprises and banks have been accompanied by various measures that aim at favouring private domestic and foreign investments.
Communications and Works Minister Marios Demetriades has said that development projects in the state budget for 2015 would be limited due to restricted funds, however growth would be pursued through projects with private investments, such as the privitisation of Limassol Port, energy upgrading of government buildings and street lighting, and the unification of the mobile telephony network.
He also expressed his country's keenness in opening itself up to Kuwaiti investment amid its privitisation plans, indicating that the government has put a number of state-owned companies up for privatization.
The march sought to highlight the impact austerity is having on the health service, with speakers claiming the coalition government has lied to the public over the privitisation of the NHS.
Then, the financial crisis of 2008 took hold and it was felt the conditions were not right for privitisation.
But unions fear the principles on which the NHS was founded are gradually being eroded by privitisation and patients will lose out, particularly the most needy and vulnerable.
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said privitisation was the best way to secure further investment, adding that it was a policy previously backed by Labour.
I AGREE with the opening paragraphs of Labour Party organiser Mick Hills' letter about privitisation in the NHS (3.
Summary: A report has slammed the Ministry of Defence over equipment, calling for privitisation.
Peyia councillor Linda Leblanc said the fact that a private company had dammed the river raised the question of privitisation of a public resource.