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Synonyms for property

Synonyms for property

something, as land and assets, legally possessed

usually extensive real estate

Synonyms for property

a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class

a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished

any movable articles or objects used on the set of a play or movie

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A Welsh Government spokeswoman said: "We rescued Cardiff Airport from a downward spiral in private ownership.
H0 = average yield of the studied companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange for more than 50% Compared with the private ownership of state property between 2002 to 2013 more.
MyTopo's new layer makes private ownership maps more affordable and easy to custom design following MyTopo's five-step online map ordering process.
Many previously Government-owned companies - like Rolls Royce and British Airways - have flourished under private ownership.
I didn't witness the auction, but I can definitely say that I like the private ownership of teams started by the BCCI through IPL.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the ACA has said that it has no objection to the principle of private ownership.
A 5,400-SF home in west Little Rock's Cypress Point West neighborhood returned to private ownership in a $565,000 transaction.
Expro has been under the private ownership of Candover, Goldman Sachs and Alpinvest since July 2008, after making the transition from the public to the private sector.
Meanwhile, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson (right) faces a backbench rebellion over plans to sell off a stake in the service to private ownership.
Lou Ginsberg, managing director of CCIRE, represented both seller and buyer in the $10,600,000 ($730 psf) sale and purchase of Knolls Shopping Center in an off market transaction after private ownership of almost 40 years.
The Presidio in San Francisco has no private ownership, and instead is owned by the U.
Sir John is best known as the former chief executive of Jaguar Cars who brought it from the brink of extinction to private ownership and profitability.
Larkham's two-year contract with Edinburgh Rugby Ltd was scrapped after the club returned from private ownership to Scottish Rugby Union hands.
The former Thailand prime minister will not complete the signing of the ex-England coach until he has got the 75% of shares needed to take the club into private ownership.
Here are a number of interesting points for the eco-friendly investor: 1) Merlynn's property will forever remain in private ownership and on the local tax rolls.