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Benjamin Marc specializes in web design and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and knew that they could help Martin and their Private Investigation firm.
The school is licensed by the State Board of Private Investigation, private security companies and alarm system companies and by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education.
Private Investigation and Process Serving contains investigative, protective, and serving concepts; technical information; and investigative recording forms to support operations, all presented in nontechnical language.
It is understood police bosses discovered he was helping to run a private investigation business through his wife.
On the subject of dogs, Dalton Gavotte, executive marketing director of The Sharper Dachshund, a Beverly Hills private investigation agency, warns pet lovers against leaving videotapes of frolicking puppies around the house.
A third alternative, not to write the book at all but to undertake a private investigation w satisfy his own legitimate curiosity, seems never to have occurred to him.
LOS ANGELES -- Beverly Hills-based public relations firm, Tyler Barnett PR, has been named the "agency of record" for the nationally recognized Butler & Associates, the world's first private investigation firm to hire a team of "P.
com), one of the southeast's most respected private investigation firms providing corporate and civil services to attorneys, individuals and businesses large and small, recently added a new office in downtown Athens Georgia.
Blake, a retired US Army criminal investigation command special agent, brings together mostly American private investigators, law enforcement officers, attorneys, and others specializing in a variety of areas who describe, in 21 chapters, advanced private investigation skills not normally encountered in law enforcement or the academic environment.
Private investigation Regan Reilly is ready to leave California and spend the weekend in New York with her fiance Jack.
With more than 200 member companies worldwide, the MSPA has a diverse membership, including marketing research and merchandising companies, private investigation firms, training organizations and companies that specialize in providing mystery shopping services.
March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Philippine PI (TM), a private investigation and background check company specializing in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, reported today that the private investigation business has remained in a stable growth mode due, in part, to a high risk for fraud in the region.
Private investigation and security science; a scientific approach, 3d ed.
According to McQuillin's attorney, Steven Savola, the suit wasn't filed until a private investigation was conducted.
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