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a machine used for printing

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Compositors not appended to a business such as a newspaper or large printery, tended to be bundled together in small offices, to be called upon as extra work was needed.
The January 1994 issue (#126) announced a change in printers from Port Townsend's Printery to Seattle's Consolidated Press.
The abbey is a going concern with a lot of assets, such as land, the Printery House, guest and hospitality services, the monastery and the seminary," said Craig Sasse, director of executive education and assistant professor of management at Rockhurst.
A number of printing and associated firms have been variously linked with stages in the printing and production of the novel, including the Federal Press, Batten's Printery, the Argus, Industrial Printing and Publicity Company, Wilke Printers, Thos Urquhart & Sons Printers, Trade Composition, Dudley King Linotypers, and engravers Prebble & James.
This includes some of mixed race like the men Lang had working in his newspaper printery.
The team effort at Bronco involves the technical people at the printery," Fassler says.
spent the night with these strangers in a basement printery.
Louis private press The Printery, lectures "From Guttenberg to Gates: the Quaint, the Curious and the Simply Bizarre," Washington University Olin Library, Gingko Reading Room, level 1, 4 p.
Heydon, who had worked as a compositor in his uncle's printery in England, did well in various business ventures.
With an optimism reinforced with what they took to be their own insights, Arena's immediate circle built their own printery, learned to print and continued to do so for the best part of twenty years.
Barbados Investment & Development Corporation, Barbados, A World Class International Business Centre, Barbados: COT Printery (n.
Idris Hammid (San Fernando, Trinidad: Rahaman Printery, 1973), 167; Michael N.
Mid-month we set off for a bus tour of Niagara-on-the-Lake's many Loyalist and related sites, from Laura Secord's house to Fort George, from the Historical Museum to the MacKenzie Printery, from Navy Hall to Butler's Barracks.
Lawrence mentions (above) the physical improvement in the Journal's appearance, thanks to the increasing sophistication of the University Printery.
He was engaged by a local printery when a Leichhardt neighbour alerted him to an opportunity of applying for the position of library assistant at the Australian Museum.