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a machine used for printing

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Compositors not appended to a business such as a newspaper or large printery, tended to be bundled together in small offices, to be called upon as extra work was needed.
The January 1994 issue (#126) announced a change in printers from Port Townsend's Printery to Seattle's Consolidated Press.
Special Release 2241, Publications Unit, Office of the Registrar, University of Ibadan/Ibadan University Printery, Ibadan, Nigeria.
He had heard from Tony, one of his partners at the printery, that van Damme, in a training scene in the movie, performs the splits while suspended in mid-air with his feet propped on parallel kitchen chairs.
The Printery House is an apostolic work of Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery situated in the rolling farmlands of northwest Missouri.
5) Within a month of their arrival in Sydney, Fison had arranged the printing of 500 circulars and schedules at the printery adjoining the local Wesleyan Church in Newtown.
National Secretariat, Communist Party of New Zealand: Wilson Printery Ltd.
Printing of the first edition by Hardy, assisted by Ernie Bowles and Vic Little, both CPA printers, began around Christmas 1949, at Batten's Printery in Collins Street.
Non-conventional Technologies, West Printery, ISBN 973-9329-52-7, Oradea, Romania
This includes some of mixed race like the men Lang had working in his newspaper printery.
The team effort at Bronco involves the technical people at the printery," Fassler says.
spent the night with these strangers in a basement printery.
25) Charles Reis, Associacao Portugueza Primeiro de Dezembro (Port-of-Spain: Yuille's Printery, 1945), 129.
Louis private press The Printery, lectures "From Guttenberg to Gates: the Quaint, the Curious and the Simply Bizarre," Washington University Olin Library, Gingko Reading Room, level 1, 4 p.
Heydon, who had worked as a compositor in his uncle's printery in England, did well in various business ventures.