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The printer was immediately on foot; he had given orders for his horse to be got ready.
The boredom of the afternoon was dissipated at once, and she was glad that Katharine had found them in a momentary press of activity, owing to the failure of the printer to send back certain proofs.
It was evident that the squabble with the printer had not affected his equanimity.
Ends, "but I paid the printer not an hour ago, and he took my ready change.
The TRANSCONTINENTAL owed him four months' salary, and he knew that the printer must be appeased before the associate editor.
Two hundred years later, when The Vision of Piers the Ploughman was first printed, the printer in his preface explained alliterative verse very well.
This printer also says in his preface that the book was first written in the time of King Edward III, "In whose time it pleased God to open the eyes of many to see his truth, giving them boldness of heart to open their mouths and cry out against the works of darkness.
As printer, in a time of rapid changes in the language, when through the wars in France and her growing influence the second great infusion of Latin-French words was coming into the English language, he did what could be done for consistency in forms and spelling.
It is a very old name, and, as well as I recollect, he was the first printer that appeared in Denmark.
Yes, he is our first printer," replied the clerical gentleman hastily.
Slackbridge, the delegate, had to address his audience too that night; and Slackbridge had obtained a clean bill from the printer, and had brought it in his pocket.
Mr Slum then withdrew to alter the acrostic, after taking a most affectionate leave of his patroness, and promising to return, as soon as he possibly could, with a fair copy for the printer.
Bringing rapid prototyping capabilities in-house is becoming a reality for many plastics manufacturers, thanks to more affordable, faster, and easy-to-use 3D printers.
The landmark report examines the major forces shaping the future of the printing industries in North America to the year 2006 and assesses the impact these forces will have on printers.
Three decades later, Canon remains a leader in printing technologies with its innovative line of Color Bubble Jet printers, which deliver photo-quality full-color output in an office setting, at home or on the road.