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a genus of Sylviidae

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Rufous-vented Prinia was observed building nest on March 26 at Faridabad
Rufous-vented Prinia from nest-building to fledging encircles around 38 days.
Plain Prinia and Indian Cliff Swallow were very rare It was also evident from results that in old and new sites in and around Lahore the higher percentages (62%) of native trees were in old reference sites while
Similarly, the conversion of agricultural land into buildings will cause many species such as Paddy Field Pipit (Anthus rufulus), Ashy Prinia (Prinia socialis), and Bee-eaters (Merops spp.
Sindh sparrow (Passer pyrrhonotus) and two passerine birds with a globally restricted ranges such as Rufous-vented prinia (Prinia burnesii) and Sindh babbler (Chrysomma altirostre).
Observations of Jerdon's Babbler Chrysomma altirostre and Rufous-vented Prinia Prinia burnesii in Punjab and North-West Frontier Provinces, Pakistan.
Population genetic structure of Rufous-Vented Prinia (Prinia burnesii) in Pakistan.
Typha, Saccharum and Phragmites favoring the distribution range of certain wildlife species such as Prinia inornata (plain prinia).
It provides nesting and roosting places for many bird species such as pied bush chat, Indian prinia, black drongo, common babbler and jungle babbler.
Graceful Prinias, a much smaller warbler, were also calling, in its case an incessant zitting, and overhead flocks of Barn Swallows, the rusty bellied resident race, and bee-eaters Little Green and Blue-cheeked swooped and soared.
In Muscat Indian Rollers, Little Green Beeeaters, Yellow-vented Bulbuls, Graceful Prinias and Purple Sunbirds can be seen at any time of the year.
Other close typological parallels for the goddess figures, snake tubes, and plaques were found farther afield in Gazi, Kannia, Karphi, Knossos, and Prinias.
Carter and Koehl have made good cases for andreia at Prinias and Dreros, but these identifications are dependent on the interpretation of the dining ceremonies as well as a careful reading of iconography as the social-symbolic expression of an elite social structure centered on the hunt, warfare, ancestors, and initiation rituals.
On the one hand, the evidence from LM III Prinias makes it especially clear that the sites occupied by Archaic temples had sometimes been, in LM III, open areas devoted to activities of ritual consumption.
vegetation presumably acts as an ultimate factor, as it provides food, nesting sites and cover for swamphen, crakes, moorhens, warblers and prinias.